USCCB withdraws review of “The Golden Compass”

The USCCB withdraws review of “The Golden Compass”. Its about time. Hopefully we will get a statement from them acknowledging the mistake and possibly a new review.


Well, that’s good. You’re right, some type of retraction from them in which they clearly say these books are not recommended for Catholic children would be helpful. Everyone thinks the movie & books are approved by “the Vatican”.

Don’t hold your breath. At one time in this world the Church influenced culture, now, thanks to those weak kneed sisters, our Bishops, the culture leads American Catholicism by the nose. With pastoral shepperds like these who needs wolves?


this is really over the top (plus, i like how you insult both our church’s leadership and women in one scathing statement; it’s a two-fer!).

you should cut down on your consumption of raw meat.

by the way, there’s already a thread on this in the catholic news forum; why don’t you post your gratuitous insults there?

I agree. Messages sent by the bishops should be clear and unequivocal, even when they include some nuances.:thumbsup:

I just looked at the USCCB movie review site and they don’t have anything on there on The Golden Compass. I’m hoping they are working on a new review too!

Thats cause they withdrew the review. I am guessing they will stay silent on it.

That seems likely. The movie is already on its way out of the theaters and the buzz from the press has died down. They’ll probably just leave it at that.

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