Use of EfM from Episcopal Seminary in a Catholic Parish

I converted from the Episcopal Church some years ago. One of the moving factors was my immersion into a four year course of study–designed by professors at the Episcopal seminary at the University of the South in Suwanee, TN–for the laity, called Education for Ministry (EfM). We spent one year each on the Old Testament/Hebrew Scriptures, New Testament, Church History and Philosophy/Theology. The program was wonderful. We met once a week to dine together, discuss the readings, pray and engage in theological reflection. Ironically, it was in going through the four year EfM program that convinced me that I had to convert to Catholicism, much to the chagrin of my Episcopal friends in the program. I mention all of this as background, as I served for two years after the program as a mentor/facilitator for a new crop of participants as I was going through RCIA at my Catholic parish on another night a little over a mile away from where we had our EfM classes.

In that vein, I learned from the folks who run EfM up in Tennessee that at various times over the years that, amongst the various denominations who have implemented the EfM program, some of them were “Roman” Catholic parishes. I have always thought EfM could work in a Catholic parish (if properly tweaked here and there), but have been unable to have them tell me which Catholic parishes ever utilized the program. I definitely feel something like it would be a great tool for the New Evangelization. Has anyone been involved in a Catholic EfM program? If so, can you share your thoughts with me (even if by private message)? Thank you so very much.

I would call this a lay formation program. Here is the link to the one in our diocese:

It seems like a catholic version of what I was talking about, albeit with an apparent less rigorous and lengthy dedication to sacred scripture. I greatly appreciate what you sent and would like to look at the actual curriculum, but that may not be possible. Thanks once again–food for thought.

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