use of hormone replacement at menopause

Would those of you who know the Catholic position regarding the use of hormone replacement products derived from pregnant mares’ urine (Premarin, Prempro, etc. used to ease the symptoms of menopause) advise what is recommended or not recommended by the Catholic Church in regards to the use of these products and/or treatment of the symptoms of menopause. Thanks.

I don’t think there are any *ethical *concerns when it comes to treating a medical condition - because this wouldn’t necessarily fall into the category of birth control - but, from a *medical *standpoint there have been many controversial studies about the use of hormone replacement treatments (some correlation to future breast cancer) - so you may want to research as much as you can and get the best advice from your doctor. :thumbsup:

The Church does not have a position on the treatment of menopausal symptoms. It is not a matter of faith, morals, or ethics.

It is a matter that is best discussed with your doctor. Do your research.

From my observations though, none of the women I know who are taking the horse derived products have any libido anymore. None of them seem to want to have sex and their husbands aren’t happy. I’m afraid to discuss these things in depth with them because they are very defensive about having these drugs available to them to alleviate these symptoms. They say they have to take them in order to have enough symptom relief to be able to go to work and stay on the job. There are supposedly other natural options, soy, herbs, etc.–anyone feel free here to contribute your knowledge or trials. But whether more natural products address the menopausal symptoms as effectively as the horse derived products is something that could be discussed. Do natural products work for some people? What is working for those of you taking the natural, alternative route? As far as happy family life goes, treatment of any issues that erode the sexual satisfaction of the husband and wife are worthy of discussion. No one has to be cornered and no one that is uncomfortable reading or discussing this topic should read this thread. Doctors want to prescribe drugs. Pharmaceutical companies want to tell the doctors that the products work and to go ahead and prescribe them. But are they working with too many other sacrifices being made.

Morally, there is no problem with taking a treatment for a medical condition. Certainly some treatments impact other life functions. I doubt a woman on chemotherapy feels like having relations either! Husbands are called to a sacrificial love for their wives.

So, the issue you are presenting isn’t the women taking legitimate medical treatment but their husband’s spiritual development or lack thereof.

This is something the couple should work out with counseling. The wives should strive to overcome their lack of desire and be intimate with their husbands and their husband should strive to sacrifice on their wive’s behalves.

Giving medical advice is not allowed on this board.

Couples should discuss any sexual issues in the context of counseling and/or spiritual direction.

I’m not sure how this new post is relevant to whether the Church has a teaching on this particular treatment method. I don’t see this as a moral issue, but a medical issue. So, I’m unclear on what you are hoping to gain from this thread?

The topic is very relevant to public discussion because those who aren’t morally strong enough or find adequate solution to this mid-life problem will likely support adultery and/or prostitution or pornography or who knows what else–maybe we don’t want to know what else–but it’s out there waiting. I’m sure many useful herbs are mentioned in the Bible and God made them–why not discuss them openly here in this forum? Herbalists–please contribute your gleaned wisdom to all who may be helped by it and tell your priests about it so they can pass on the information to those who aren’t getting the information that they need. All monasteries have had herb gardens and they know what the herbs are for.

I’v actually used both the more traditional medicines (Prempro, Premarin, etc) and those based on plants/soy. I find the latter, for myself, to be much more effective. They don’t give me the mood swings, changes in libido and fatigue that the other ones seemed to do.

As far as herbal subsitutes go, the hormones I am currently using are soy based and also contain black cohosh, which has been useful in some studies to help lessen/prevent night sweats, hot flashes, and other such menopausal symptoms.

I am not a doctor, by far; I can only tell you what my personal experience has been. Before beginning any treatment, I would highly recommend that you do a lot of research and speak with a licensed medical caregiver.

The moral obligation of women to be sexually available for their husbands when they are not feeling like it is a topic not restricted to menopause.

The reason we don’t discuss medical treatments here is because it’s against forum rules. Herbs which are mentioned in the bible should probably be discussed in the Sacred Scripture forum. (But don’t take my word for it.)

Seeking or providing medical advice is forbidden by forum rules. And for good reason. The moral questions have been answered. Take these questions to your medical practitioner, not an anonymous Internet forum.

Thank you. This personal information of the trial of the manufactured hormone drugs and/or herbal and natural products in the face of Catholic living and family life is what we need to hear.

Is there scriptural reference to Black Cohosh? Anyone?

While I realize that ignorance to the rules is not an excuse, I am new hear and by my own admission did not make myself apparently as familiar with them as I need to do. I offer my sincere apologies to anyone I may have offended by my previous post. It will not happen again.

Did you think I was being sarcastic? I’m not being sarcastic. This is an important issue that merits discussion as it pertains to negotiating turbulence that may come in a marriage. So I hope you didn’t think I was being sarcastic. I started this thread in Family Life because I felt that it’s discussion would lend to keeping couples, and thus families, happy and together. I’m asking if students of the Bible have found reference to herbs used or advise given that applies to the life phase that we call menopause. It would be interesting to find out if there is scriptural direction on the topic.

Does someone on here operate a factory horse urine collection farm?

From the point of view of common sense and natural reason according to Thomas Aquinas I wouldn’t want the hormones of a pregnant horse. I think a lot of these hormones interfere with the natural menstrual cycle and would not be appropriate for a couple using NFP. I personally believe that it could disable a baby if it does not cause abortion and there are all these scares about concerning drugs taken in pregnancy. It might be slightly more ethical for a sterilised couple, but not a couple who could possibly conceive but I’m not a doctor.

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