Use of symbols on an Altar

I am making lace for an altar cloth for my parish.

Along with many of the usual symbols (ie, Chi Rho, Alpha Omega, etc.) I have been asked to include a Maria Regina symbol.

As much as I love and have devotion towards the Holy Mother, I have a nagging feeling that this should not be on the altar.

Someone please help me! None of my other sources address this issue!


Just my opinion, I’m no expert on altar cloths, but I don’t see a problem with it. I would probably use a symbol of Christ as the main focus and use a Marian symbol in a secondary place.

If you think about it, Mary was present at Jesus’ sacrifice at Calvary, so she is certainly present at the Mass, which makes Jesus’ sacrifice present to us. Here is a symbol I found online that combines both (with Mary at the foot of the Cross).

Thank you for your post! I can see there could be two sides of thinking here!

I just wish I could find some “documentation” or back-up to be sure!

The symbolism of Mary at the foot of the cross is great.

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