Use of the word "untill/till"?


In learning about the Perpetual Virginity of our most Holy Mother, I’ve seen the argument that the world “until” (when describing how Joseph did not know Mary until…) is a colloquialism and has no bearing on what happened after the birth of Jesus.

However, I came across someone mentioning Matthew 5:26 that “truly, I say to you, you will never get out till you have paid the last penny.” He used this to support the existence of purgatory that we need to pay the last penny (purging/cleansing in purgatory) until we enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

However does the use of the word “until” for Mary have a similar use in Matthew, or are they used differently with complete certainty? Do they use the same word in the original language?

I ask this because a person who doesn’t believe in purgatory (but in the Virginity of Mary) can say that if the word “until” is applied the same way in Matthew 5:26 as in Mary’s Perpetual Virginity, then the verse Matthew 5:26 is just referring to hell?


Sounds the same to me.

You’d have to go back to the original and/or examine the context, which you have started to do. Did the translators know the difference? A lot of things translate into the same thing in another language.


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