Use spiritual songs to ward off the enemy!

“Refresh yourself with spiritual songs, which have often caused the tempter to cease his wiles; as in the case of Saul, whose evil spirit departed from him when David played upon his harp before the king.25 It is also useful to be actively employed, and that with as much variety as may be, so as to divert the mind from the cause of its sadness.” — St. Francis de Sale

What are people’s experiences with playing/listening to songs that praise God to lessen their temptations?

I don’t know if I’ve ever used any to ward off temptation before, but I listen to these when I want to relax. This is one I stumbled on after finding a link to another song in a similar thread. Lux Aeterna by Steve Dobrogosz. It’s really beautiful. Other than that though, Shepherd me O’ God and My Soul in Stillness Waits are two I really like. Certain versions of the Angus Dei, requiems, Ave Maria, the list goes on.

Listening to appropriate music or singing spiritual songs calms my mind and takes my thoughts back to God and off from the busy non-sense that seems to crowd into everyday life. And as the saying goes: “He who sings prays twice.” I don’t know if that is exactly it or who said it, but I think it is very true.

Singing is sure better than complaining.

I don’t know whether or not singing/listening to spiritual songs wards off the enemy, but in my case, it helps me keep my mind from wandering into dangerous territory.

Silence and solitude are probably the best, but I listen to classical music, with many Masses and Gregorian Chants, throughout the day. Such is great for devoting oneself to God, but I believe that temptation will persist no matter what we do.

LOVE! :heart:

Wow that music is really beautiful. I have a bunch of CD of Catholic music, by the Cathedral Singers, such as Catholic Latin Classics and Marian Classics. They are all quite beautiful. Here’s a sample:

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