Used books can be cursed?



New question, and just wanted to say THANKS ALOT of answering the last question I had so quickly… it was amazing how fast I got answers…

So, I was wondering if buying used books online, like thru the used venders on, was bad, as in can books be cursed? I noticed alot of the vendors from Oregon or NY, and I know occult is big in lots of those areas. I checked other books some of the vendors had and they had many demon, occult, type of books sometimes. I take Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, so I know I have nothing to fear… but if I give some books (like Catholicism for Dummies) as a gift to someone who is not a believer yet, do they get harmed?

Thanks for any input or insight.


I’d think that you could easily take the book in question to your priest, voice your concerns, and have the book blessed. :slight_smile:


Anything can be cursed, new or old. There’re some record labels owned by Wiccans that consecrate all the CDs they sell to Satan as they run off the presses.

However, one should not be unreasonably in concern of everything one receives, one should simply avoid pagan and New Age stores.



Thanks for such instantaneous replies!!

I think I’m just going to buy new books from a non-cursing books place like directly for them and save all the hassle!!! :thumbsup:


It’s important not to be constantly worried about demons around every corner. Such an attitude is unhealthy. Pretty much anything can be cursed. Does that mean you’ll need to start growing all your own crops to avoid cursed food that might come from a grocery store? No. You go on living your life, getting groceries at the store when necessary and buying books from Amazon or wherever you like to shop for books.

If the book is not a New Age, Occult, or other book contrary to your faith, I wouldn’t be concerned that it is somehow cursed.


I just bought a used Catholic book from…lol! I’ve never thought about this before. I kind of wonder why there would be a used Catholic book…why would someone give it back…only if they didn’t like it? Well…suppose you can always just put some holy water on it or ask your priest to bless it for you haha.

I also sort of think that if the book itself is good - not new age or anything - you don’t really have anything to fear…it does depend on the book too.

And I don’t think there are many cursed books out there :confused:


no books and other inanimate objects cannot be cursed. a curse is a specific invocation to damnation, and only a person can be damned to hell, not an object. If the book is otherwise harmless in content, buy it wherever you get the best price. If the book has harmful content, don’t waste your money. but worrying about curses smacks of superstition.


I’m just wondering, what about those stories where people began to be spiritually attacked etc because they had objects in their house like ouija boards…and such… ? (even if they didn’t use them and someone else did… the Church teaches that we shouldn’t ever participate in such activities)
do you think these stories are real?


For clarification, books and other inanimate objects can have a demonic attachment. Typically this happens if the item was used for occult purposes.


If this is true, then most anything can have ‘demonic attachment’, including rocks; gems; cards; some games; some tree branches; gazing balls; certain aromatic scents; some sculptures; some pictures; etc… even religious pictures/sculptures that were used for ‘idol’ purposes or mockery.

How sterile does one have to be? And, how studied does one have to be in the ‘occult’ to know what is cursed?

If one goes into one of these ‘new age’ stores and sees all that is there… is it all not to be touched by us Catholic’s?


I heard Fr. Corapi say something similar. He said “Is the devil real? YES. Should you be looking for him under every bush and rock? NO.”

I would advise you to stay away from anything connected with the occult… and trust in God for the rest. Remember… you are a child of God. And Our Heavenly Father looks out for us. God bless.


This is why we don’t need to be like germophobes when it comes to demons. Having such a fear is irrational.

Objects can carry demonic attachments but generally this requires that someone has used the item in some sort of occult activity. For example, a used Ouija board, or objects used in witchcraft or satanism can have demonic attachments.

As far as going into a New Age/Occult store - first of all I’d wonder why any Catholic would be there in the first place - once someone uses the items they may invite demons to infest the item, or the place the item is stored, or even the person who used the items.

We do not need to be paranoid that everyday things that we own or that we bring into our home have a demonic attachment. If the item is clearly some sort of occult-related item then we need to destroy and discard the item.


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Very sound advice. We do not need to be paranoid about demons.

There are two equal and opposite errors into which our race can fall about demons. One is to disbelieve in their existence. The other is to believe and to feel an excessive and unhealthy interest in them.

  • C.S. Lewis, The Screwtape Letters


Cool replies, thanks everyone.

Actually I ended up going with the lowest price on some used books, and am not going to worry about it. The books are Catholic books, so I doubt someone could , for instance, put some spell or whatever on Holy Bible… it would just bounce right off :thumbsup:


which record labels?



Only if they’re Harry Potter books…


My apologies, I became distracted and forgot your PM. Please forgive me.

I do not know which ones. I heard about the matter from a sermon from the links below, but I do not recall that the priest stated specifically which.

If you are concerned about some of your music or media, you must take to mind the following:

Does it have a bad effect on my spiritual life, or does it have a good effect? If it appears merely ‘neutral’ there is no such thing.

Does it contain anything which is considered blasphemous to God (which is never permitted), or anything which would tempt a normal or weak person to sin. Depicting some sins is permitted in media for demonstrative purposes when there is no danger that the depiction will lead to imitation, other sins are not permitted to be depicted because they by their very depiction can lead others to sin.

Is the music something which cheaply arouses the passions through flash and extravagance and has little artistic value or something which shows the hand of God? Would you feel comfortable playing it in the church vestibule (though not necessarily in church itself) – in other words, does it incline towards the sacred, or to the profane.

If you are having any problems in your life that you would attribute to a curse or demonic activity, one of the best ways to overcome it is to get rid of things in general until you have an uncluttered and spartan house – not only because of curses, and because of the profane, but because a luxurious life opens the avenues of sin through our love of things.


Good grief - as if we didn’t have enough to worry about. I buy used books quite often from Amazon and never worry where they come from. Some are Catholic books, some are novels and some are about history (a passion of mine). I have read scholarly histories of the New Age for my own information and never thought to get curse cooties from them.

So the newspaper might be cursed because it has horoscopes in it? Or an entire bookstore might be cursed because of the New Age section? I think not. I just pray and try to do God’s will.


You can bless the book yourself with holy water, if you have a concern about it.

Just dip your finger in holy water, and make the sign of the cross on the cover of the book, and ask God to bless it.



thanks for getting back to me. i’ll see what i can dig up about particular labels.


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