Used books can be cursed?


Our caution can turn into superstition. We have to be very careful. The avoidance of the cursed book can become an obsession that is unhealthy.

Curses can only attach themselves to those souls who are messing around with this stuff. Otherwise, they’re useless.

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Thank you for all the replies. VERY good thread!

I will be sure not to step into the superstitious realm and just keep on praising Jesus Christ! Thank you.


A book by an exorcist of the Diocese of Rome, Father Gabriele Amorth, has become popular. He speaks about how objects can have a demonic connection. If you want more light in the matter, you might try reading this book, which is titled "An Exorcist Tells His story."
Personally, I won’t worry about something from another type of source, and I buy books over the internet two or three times a month, but I wouldn’t have anything to do with a book from a place at all involved with the occult.
Some concern about the devil is warranted, as the Gospels, and the books by Saint Paul and Saint John the Evangelist show, besides Catholic tradition.


Thanks, mdgspencer. I have that book and am half way through. Very good read.


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