Useful analogy for those outside the Church

Hi all;

I just heard this on the Right Here Right Now Show (with Patrick Madrid).

He was using this analogy to explain the pitfalls people outside the Church encounter with respect to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

However, it is an excellent analogy for those outside the Church, and I wanted to share it.

He said that those inside the Church is akin to sitting inside a beautiful Cathedral. The sun is shining through beautiful stained glass windows. I could add that we can sit in the holy place, in the presence of God, surrounded by beautiful architecture, crafted to the glory of God.

However, outside the Cathedral, passers-by see those same stained glass windows which are drab and meaningless. Some Cathedrals look beautiful on the outside, but could still be seen as drab.
Outside, we don’t understand what it’s like on the inside, or how beautiful it is.

Just thought I’d share that…

I loved it; thanks for sharing.


Pax Christi!

On sunny days, it’s even nicer indoors! And that’s true with the literal church/cathedral and also Holy Mother Church.

It’s not just for times when life is gray and cold!

C’mon in! It’s wonderful in here!

Thanks for sharing. God bless.

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