Users who participate only in news forums


It seems like there are a certain subgroup of users who post almost exclusively in the News forum, and specifically in the World News forum.

Has anyone ever considered restricting the News forum or at least World News (since the Catholic News threads at least bear some relation to Catholicism) to users who participate with some regularity in non-news categories of the forum as well?

When someone is not participating in the Catholicism discussions on these forums, and is just starting world news threads, it appears to me to be agenda posting, which is against the rules. I haven’t flagged anyone for this yet however.



Meh. I think some folks are naturally interested in international topics, political discussions, etc. Sharing one’s opinions isn’t ipso facto agenda posting.


I can imagine that carefully choosing news items to post which are written in a style or with certain facts airbrushed or even entirely missing would be potentially misleading and perhaps done for a purpose.

These things can be subtle, each drop of water wears away the stone someone once said.


Used to be I only read the Apologetics, avoided World News and Family. I don’t think you could control or monitor your suggestion. Just flag 'em if they get too off the mark.


It’s just specifically World News that kind of bugs me. Every other forum on the board has a much clearer connection to Catholicism. Much of what goes on in World News might as well be the comment section of any major newspaper.


You want to restrict users in World News who also participate in other forums?
I think I am confused as to what you want to do.


No, I’m saying that if we’re going to have a World News category, I’d like to see access to it limited to those who post at least occasionally in other forums as well.

We seem to have a number of people who post only in World News and ignore all the other forums that focus more on faith issues.


I like First Amendment people :wink:


Funny you should bring this up as I’ve been wondering about it myself lately. I just find it kind of odd that anyone would pick a Catholic forum to exclusively talk about World News. To me, it does kind of seem like agenda posting.


do we then restrict people who only post in other particular forums


Okay, I see the point you are making now.
I agree with your observation @Tis_Bearself


Me too…it is a swamp…once got booted for a couple of weeks for referring to it as “World Ooze” instead of World News.


I see your point, but I’d offer some other considerations. It might be best if anyone who only posts in world news sticks to World News. If the World News category is as bad as some people think do you really want to kind of force those people out of that sub forum?

I think the existence of the world news forum helps keep certain topics out of the other forums. For instance I’ve seen many topics start in Popular Media and Social Justice that really should be in the World News.

As to why people might just post in the World News forum maybe it is because it offers a far more Catholic environment than anywhere else on the Internet?


I agree. It would probably bring a lot of nastiness out into the main forum from people who just like to argue. We have enough bickering as it is from main forum users.

As long as CAF hosts a World News forum, let those users who enjoy it stay out in the Wild West. People may venture in to that rodeo if they dare!


That’s a good point about personalities who only do news staying in news.


I should mute the World News forum. It’s a grand waste of time for me…

… 'Tis done.


Perhaps CAF should just delete the whole category? What’s the purpose for it anyway?


I’ve wondered this myself…


Maybe the purpose is to allow discussion of current events with fellow Catholics instead of the average population of a news forum. But if the average population wanders in, we can offer them a Christian viewpoint on things. :cross:

Although, I do suspect having it confines certain conversations to a corner. Once so confined, they can be entirely muted in your preferences, never appearing in the feed of latest topics.:tada:


Just for the record, I’m well aware that entire categories can be muted, and I have done so for a number of categories (including ones that aren’t News but that just don’t interest me personally).

The reason I started this thread was to have some discussion about the section from a feedback perspective.

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