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I’m a new Catholic, as of this past Easter Vigil, and I’m a little lost on what exactly the uses of holy water are, besides in the sacraments and blessing oneself on entering a church. I’ve heard people keep it in their homes and even drink it. Could some of you explain it to me?

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Holy water has several uses, you can bless yourself with it, sprinkle it around your room… that is what I do. It’s good because demons absolutely hate it :stuck_out_tongue: there’s a story about St Teresa of Avila… the devil was harrassing her, and she made the sign of the Cross, and he vanished… but later on he came back. Then she threw some holy water on him and he disappeared for good. The blessing on the water is from God… it’s also a reminder of our Baptism. It takes away venial sins (if we are repentant as well); that’s what my priest said. And yes it’s also good for spiritual protection. If you ever come across a parish that does the Latin Mass, they bless holy water in the older rite which includes an exorcism. But all holy water is blessed.

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So you can bless yourself with it even outside of a church?

definitely :slight_smile:

many churches have a special container with holy water where people could just take some for home.

Yes you can bless yourself with it. I drink holy water every day:p My parish has a holy water tap near mother mary’s grotto, so I fill my 2 bottles with it every day when I go to daily mass. And drink them instead of regular water. When I drink it, I think of holiness. That I should be holy, like the holy water:)

And I say, Jesus have mercy on me a sinner, several times. And bless my head and heart, and face.:o

I love the holy water

By the way, the holy water I am talking about is different than the holy water that you use when entering a church. The rite of the blessing is also different. The holy water for drinking, is usually available near Mother Mary’s Grotto, in some parishes. But the holy water for blessing oneself in church is not permitted to be taken home, or to be drank.

For example, the holy water that you can take from lourdes

Monica, you are so devout, love ya:)

At my Church there is a giant covered urn near the altar which contains holy water for people to take home with them. There’s also a small pouring jug kept nearby. I usually have a small bottle with me in my room to bless myself with, although it’s not a habit.

I didn’t realise we could bless our rooms with it. I thought a Priest had to do that?

holy water is a sign of our baptism
since baptism is the first sacrament and required for our entry into membership in Christ and his Church, it is also the sign we repeat when we bless ourselves, and sometimes our young children, with holy water as we enter the church building.

Christ blessed all baptismal water and made it holy when he went down into the river Jordan for John’s baptism. That is the symbolism of the Paschal Candle that is dipped into the water as it is blessed during the Easter Vigil.

That is why there is a tub of holy water blessed at that time for the faithful to take as they leave Mass on Easter.

the tub, vat or urn of holy water that is kept in each church comes from that water (blessed in its own container, not the water the catechumens have stepped in and out of, clean water) available during the year. It is replenished and blessed as needed.

you may take it home in any suitable clean container for use in blessing family members and even sprinkling around the home in prayers invoking God’s blessing.

you should not drink it unless it comes from a source that is fresh from a tap of running water, such as at many shrines and pilgrimage sites, as water that has been standing may not be clean enough for human consumption.

to keep holy water fresh in your home fonts add a pinch of salt to the bottle.

during the year when baptisms are celebrated the water is blessed as part of the rite.

only a priest could bless a house, or anything, but we can sprinkle holy water around our house for spiritual protection :slight_smile:

What’s the difference? :blush:

The difference is that we can protect ourselves from the attacks of the Devil anytime we want, just sprinkle some holy water and the devil will be gone. (He will be scared) whereas blessing of a house from a priest, done only once, has the same use, to protect the house from evil powers, but… done only once. I think generally.

But come to think of it, even us who have received Jesus in the blessed sacrament, still have attacks from the devils. The devil is not afraid of Jesus who live in us. Even the devil tried to tempt Jesus, he had no fear of God at all.

That is why we need to protect ourselves continually (daily), and I use holy water daily. He has no choice but to be gone.

The holy water is also recommended for the dying. St. Teresa of Avila, I think, or some other saint, said that it is a great help for the dying. Because dying people get attacks from the devil as the last means to snatch his soul, and take it to hell, he may even tempts us at when somebody is dying. He’s trying to do anything that we cannot go to heaven. So, it is recommended by this saint, that holy water be sprinkled when someone is dying, and according to this same saint, the devil flees instantly, and it is a great help to the dying (for them to reach heaven)

May the merciful Jesus bless you

Hi Lemon and Lime, I hope St. Faustina, your sister prays for you.
I pray for you:gopray2:

She is my favorite saint as well, my dear beloved sister. She has snatched my soul from hell by reading the Divine Mercy in My Soul Diary… Have you read the diary?

In my understanding (and I don’t know a lot about this…) when a priest blesses something, that object actually becomes blessed… but if we bless our house with holy water, the house doesn’t become blessed, it just gets ‘cleansed’ from evil spirits and such :slight_smile:

This information is wonderful. I wanted to know how I can keep my holy water from evaporating from my 2 small fonts (I have one near the entrance of my home and one in my son’s room.)

thanks in advance,

I want to know that too. I’ll pour some in a font I have and when I go back a few hours later it’s evaporated.

If you will take a piece of sponge and place it in the bottom of the font it should help. I use holy water daily along with lourdes and fatima water.:highprayer:

I generally use a large jar that I put on a table or shelf in a convenient spot, I find many of the fonts for sale are simply too small unless you are prepared to refill them daily.

The warmer the temperature the faster the evaporation.

I’ve read a thin layer of oil might help keep water from evaporating by covering the surface, but whether it actually works in a case like this I don’t know.

This is a very good thread. What about Lourdes water? How can I use it? The same way I would use Holy Water?

I use lourdes and Fatima quite often. You can put it on a injured or diesised part of your body. You can also bless yourvself and drink it. DO NOT DRINK IT UNLESS IT COMES DIRETLY FROM LOURDES AND IS SHIPPED AFTER YOU ORDER IT IF NOT YOU MAY BE DRINKING STALE WATER.:signofcross:

If you want to drink holy Lourdes water , it is better to receive it direct form Lourdes. Mine is coming from

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