Using a (fake) skeleton for fun

The story on the human skull and the parishioner reminded me of a story I read a couple of years back. I don’t remember who wrote it or where I saw it but I found it hilarious, given my twisted sense of humor. The guy in question, along with his wife, were pouring a new concrete patio in the back yard. They decided, for a joke, to bury a fake but full sized human skeleton underneath it. Now that’s what I call patient practical jokers, since the ‘bones’ aren’t likely to be discovered in their lifetimes. But I imagine they foresee the consternation among those who do.

Yeah, I’m sick to think that’s funny. :grin:


Talk about funny bones!

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I’m just glad this wasn’t leading up to “Is it a sin?”


That’s what I was afraid of when I saw the title! :rofl:


Yes, when I saw the title I was expecting to find someone worried they or their neighbors were hellbound over their Halloween decor.

My high school had a skeleton - I’m not sure if it was real or just a really good anatomical model, but it was said to be real - that was in the school nurse’s office and may have been used from time to time for a health lesson. It was named “George”. I remember once during a school assembly, some girls borrowed it from the office, sat it in a wheelchair, put a sister’s veil on it and shoved it onstage during a skit, representing a (fictional) sister who’d been with the school for 80 years. It was one of the most hilarious things I ever saw. Of course the principal and admins all had apoplexy like they usually did when we were having a jolly good time.

(And NO I don’t think that was a sin. The principal did, phooey on her!)


We bought a life size plastic Halloween skeleton a few years ago and it was so much fun we keep it in an unused chair all year round.

We sometimes get strange looks from people who cone to do repairs, but I’m sure they’ve seen worse at other homes.


At the winery where I work, we used to have a “semi” life-sized skeleton we kept in the supply cabinet (it’s about three feet off the ground, used to be a furnace closet) with all the various holiday decorations we used to decorate the stores all year round. We also supposedly have a ghost named “Dwight” (yes, our establishment is reported to be haunted by a ghost the owner named “Dwight” for some reason.)

Anyway, we make it a point to blame any glitches (broken glasses, flickering lights, clogged toilets, etc.) on “Dwight” so of course we tell all the new hires about the ghost and, because we can basically be a bunch of jerks when we want to, we really build up the stories and have taken to calling the supply cabinet “Dwight’s closet”.

This past summer, we had a new hire offer to help decorate the store for Independence Day and we told her to get the plastic tote with the patriotic decorations out of “Dwight’s closet”. The door got stuck (which is not unusual) and of course, we joked that Dwight was messing around with her and holding it shut. She laughed and gave the door a good yank.

And the skeleton fell out on top of her.

I did not know human lungs could make those sounds that loudly.

We got her to calm down (while trying to hold back our own hysterical laughter) until someone else said, “Hey, it’s July, we’ve had at least three other holidays since last Halloween, we haven’t used that skeleton since last October, how the heck did it get to the FRONT of the cabinet?”

She gave her two weeks notice the next day.


I recall reading somewhere that a person during renovations of a home with the plan to sell on. They placed a skeleton (not real) on a seat, dressed in ragged clothing into a cupboard that they had planned to close off.

Like the concrete, it probably would not be discovered until either another renovation or when the house is finally demolished.

Oh would love to be a fly on wall watching the reactions ! :rofl:

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Should include a bottle (or cask) of amontillado for extra effect.


I’ve crawled around my fair share of crawl spaces and basements. Some dried up bones would be welcome to some of the things I’ve bumped into😬


Funny you posted this, years back I was leveling off a mound of soil under a house. The mound was the length and width of a human body. It crossed my mind a couple of times, that there might be skeletal remains. Relieved there wasn’t. Phew.

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