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Hello all,

I was wondering,what percent of you that attend the Novus Ordo mass use a missal or the little misslete in the pews? I know it is pretty recommended and widespread that you use the missal in the Latin mass as I use my 1962 missal when I am graced by that opportunity for Latin.

Also, if you use the missal, do you have your own or use the missalete? Do you still use the missal from pre-mass change of a few years ago or have a brand new missal with the new prayers and responses?

Would it be okay if I used a missal from before the change? I bet those are going for far cheaper than the brand new ones.

**By the way, I would love a copy of the old daily missal to have the mass readings in book form daily like that. If any of you have an extra copy of the daily missal or like the weekday missal, please let me know and I would love to put it to good use! :slight_smile: **

Thank you all and God bless!


I have an older missal (before the most recent changes), but I use it at home, I do not bring it to Mass. At Mass, my preference is to listen only. I know my weaknesses, and as I read quickly, I’m apt to read, start reading ahead, and being off in my own space instead of being present at Mass.

It’d be ok, I’m sure, to use the older one, except that the number of changes might be a similar distraction. For awhile when the change was new, we had “cheat cards” that I really didn’t like because the different words/phrases were bolded. So my mind would go down these rabbit holes (“consubstantial … hm, what was it we used to say? Oh, right, we used to say “one in being” … I’m not sure what I think about that … what’s the difference in meaning …” and next thing I knew, we’d be at one baptism for the forgiveness of sins. So, if you tend to be as easily distracted as I am by written words, I’d highly recommend getting the missal using the current prayers and responses.


I have a daily missal for the EF and the OF. I was given the one for the EFFORT from a co-worker. For the OF I have the large Daily Roman Missal- it’s the big red one with a cover and Jesus in gold. I find that I focus better at Mass with a missal but there are moments where I just listen. I also try to avoid reading faster than the elector or priest.:smiley:


I have no issue with people using missals in the Mass but the Church intends that the readings are proclaimed, so really you should listen the Word of God being proclaimed at Mass. Now in many situations it can be hard to understand the lectors aren’t trained that well so it can be hard to follow. Now granted off the top of my head I can’t remember any church documents or popes who said this, I guess you should just take my word :D. But in all seriousness this is what our liturgist here is telling us, maybe he is wrong but it does make sense.

Note: I won’t debate this point I just wanted to mention it for people to consider. We proclaim the Word of God.


Most Sundays I go to the Extraordinary Form Mass and almost always use my Missal. Since I’ve been going to the EF Mass I’ve started using the St. Joseph Missal provided at the Ordinary Form Mass as well, which of late I’ve been going to Saturdays to help the choir.


My understanding is that you can bring in whatever helps you. I take it you won’t be doing the readings?


I did up to the point of having children… after that it became too difficult to read along and keep my children engaged.

I started using it when I was 13 and for the first time I was at a parish that provided them. I have ADD and would get distracted to the point that I would find myself frustrated during mass. The missal helped keep my mind on mass and not on everything else around me.


I use the missalette in the pews for OF Sunday Mass, my own St. Joseph’s for EF Mass and I bring the Magnificat to daily Mass since the missalette doesn’t have the daily Mass readings. :smiley:


Just one more reason that we shouldn’t judge those who read the Gospel along with the Proclamation…:>)


I attend the OF. I own a Missal and I use it whenever I am at Mass.

Although I would love to simply hear the Word proclaimed, many of our readers read so slowly that by the time they get to the end of the sentence, I’ve forgotten how the sentence started.


Yes, I use my missal at the EF Mass every week. I prepare the missal the day before Mass using the colored ribbons provided.


Rarely will I look at the missalette in the pew. I only attend the OF; there is no EF in the vicinity. One of the readers at Daily Mass is unintelligible so a missal would be handy then. My computer is desperately trying to change the word missal to missile.


The book we have at our parish does have the Mass parts but it doesn’t have the readings. I try to read them online before hand.

I have a 1966 missal which is not of much practical value (other than for historical reasons.)

If I ever get my own modern missal I would probably go electronic.


Oy! Last thing I want to see in Mass are people with “smart phones” or “iPads” out. In fact if I started to see this I would probably complain to the priest, who to begin with likely wouldn’t allow such a thing. Mass is about the last safe haven away from such annoyances, until inevitably someone’s cell phone in their pocket rings. :mad:


I have my own Missals for both OF & EF.


Yep, I’ve already seen it. And guess who had it? A 75 year old man at the daily Mass! I thought he was reading his phone messages at first and started getting a frowny face on :mad:, then after Mass asked him about it out of curiosity. He showed me the “app” for the Mass and was very engaged and enthusiastic about it. I think he has a hearing loss, so maybe it helps him. I chilled out and thought to myself, “Oh well, whatever gets us to Heaven…”

I have a continual subscription for the missalette in Large Print sent to my house, the version with daily readings, so there’s no excuse for not being prepared for any Mass. I’ve also found that reading along at Mass helps keep me from being distracted. I try to look up and listen to the readings, though (if I have been good and read them ahead of time) because feels nice to have the Word proclaimed—almost like Paul or Mark or John or Jesus is talking to me.


Please do not stand next to me in line for Confession! :slight_smile: I use Laudate, which has a wonderful examination of conscience, readings, reflections, and so much more. I also have a Kindle, which I load up with various prayers or readings that are not included in my prayer book. These items have been instrumental in bringing me even closer to God.

I do not use my smartphone or Kindle (at this time) to follow along in the readings, and part of me rebels against it, but as I grow older, anything that helps me is a good thing. I plan to load my Kindle with Latin prayers as well; some parishes I have attended do not have the Latin prayers in the pews, and I’m still learning them.

As for reading along in the missal, it depends on the Lector or Priest.

I do not take notes on my electronic devices at this time, but have done so in a pinch, when I don’t have pen and paper with me.

My husband has attended Mass at a college near his work, and he said many students use their devices to follow along.


After listening to Spanish Mass for 22 years, I need to use a Missal during English Mass if they don’t put it on screen like Singapore does.


I can relate, but I stopped thinking like that after I started using the post-communion prayers in Laudate app.


To those who are against electronic missals: can you give a logical and compelling reason why you believe these devices have no place at Mass? How are they different from a paper Missal? After all, I’m sure there was a time when a printed book was considered an innovation. Is the glare from the screen distracting? I can’t think of any other reason one might find these an annoyance…

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