Using a search engine while blocking "Images" search


As many of you may know, blocking inappropriate images can be *very *troublesome. Even when filtering is applied, many stuff gets through that simply shouldn’t. And to make things worse, blocking the “Images” section altogether can be very hard. On Google, for example, it is now impossible; even when is blocked, the first page *still *comes up… Not good!

Because of this problem, I decided to use K9 Web Protection software to block all “Search Engines/Portals.” But there is a problem: not having a search engine at one’s disposal can now make work practically impossible in many cases! So what is one to do?

I just found an answer. If one also blocks “Open Media / Media Search” and then adds “” to the “always allow” list, one can use while having the entire images section blocked (one can also add “streaming media / MP3” to block videos). This leaves one with a very good search engine for use without worrying about having to deal with the pesky “Images” / “Videos” sections.

As of now, I have not been able to find another search engine to do this with. Google, Bing, and Ask do not work (can still access the “Images” section along with other problems). But thanks be to God, this approach works with at least one! I was so thankful that I thought of sharing this, as I know (based on searches) that I am not the only one who was looking for this sort of solution.

Hope this helps! As I have just found this out, I am not sure if there are any holes. If so, please make sure to report. And if you have any ideas (or if you find more search engines that this can work with), please report also!

God bless! :slight_smile:


I have just realized that this makes accessing Gmail impossible. A solution might be to create another account elsewhere and to have the mail sent to the Gmail account automatically forwarded to the new one. A little irritating, perhaps, but a sacrifice that for some may be worth it.

God bless! :slight_smile:


Have you ever looked into OpenDNS? I use it for filtering and protection form dangerous links. It may add a second layer of protection for you.

I do know it does not block Google images but there is a free version you can try out.


Thanks. I will look into it.

God bless!


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