Using another persons discount

Would it be stealing to use a family friend’s discount for something? It would be around $700 off of something $1500. Just pondering if its ethical? Thanks

How does the family receive this discount? Is it through a membership, or their job? Would you actually be pretending to be a member of the family to obtain the discount? What is the discount for?

It’s a student discount for some tools. He would be buying the tools for me, I would be paying him for them, and he would get to use my facilities for a project he is working on.

Are you sure you can trust him this much? And if he’s using your space, what if you need to use that space? Would you get into trouble if this were found out? I hesitate here out of concern of what might be a major problem.

Then he is using his discount to obtain something of value he is going to barter for something he wants. That’s not sin, that’s commerce.

Is it a sin? I don’t know. But it is kind of unethical. Companies have those discounts for students because most of the time they are low on money. In a way though, you are cheating the company out of money.

No it is not unethical. The prices that they’re charging you is injust anyway. Just make sure you use some of the money you save to some kind of Christian cause.

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