Using Biblical names for products

Is it wrong to use Biblical names for products in business? I have seen an item using the name Genesis, and recently one using the name Revelation.

Is this wrong?

Both of those words have a valid meanings OUTSIDE of the Biblical ones. So, no, there is no reason to be scandalized at the use of “Genesis” or “Revelation” for business use. In fact there is hardly a book of the Bible that could not be used in some other context, innocently. :slight_smile:

What makes you think it would be wrong?

It crossed my thoughts that it didn’t seem right to use things of scripture for business or profit.

Jesus didn’t like the temple being used for business.

Lamentations Beauty Cream

But you know that English words are not “things of scripture,” right?

Ezekiel Bread has been around for a long time. I’m sure there are many product & business names that could be found in the Bible.

I can’t eat grains, so I’ve been mulling over a cookbook idea that would have a title something like Our Daily Bread Substitute. :wink:

Nuts to that!

The titles of Scriptural texts already have other meanings.

Would it be sinful to speak of complex “numbers,” or Federal “judges,” or to enjoy “**Act ** III” popcorn? :):slight_smile:

Should you go to Greece, you would see the word “EXODOS” next to every exit, including the airplane hatch.

There is no reason not to use words in alternate meanings. Our language is not per se sacred.


I remember a priests homily on how even very prayerful catholics segregate God from their life. Ie: prayer time = God time, the rest He is basically ignored etc… so having more to remind us of our faith could generally be a good thing.

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