Using God's name in vain


Is saying ‘oh my’ using God’s name in vain?

Also, is saying ‘my God’ (not using the ‘oh’ ) … when I’m annoyed or anxious, etc using God’s name in vain?

Is this a sin?



It sounds like you are scolding God for not fixing your environment so that you won’t have to be annoyed.

Are you saying those phrases in prayer or praise or thanksgiving? If not, it is a vain use of his Name.


Saying oh my gosh is not.

If you say my God because you are praying, no. If not, yes. It’s a venial sin unless you are cursing God or someone else


Anytime using name associated with anger , disrespectful or hatred it is sinful


There was a long tortured thread about this last year.
Use the search function. :whistle:


When I said ‘my God’, it’s not because I’m angry … It’s more if I’m anxious or something but not because I was mad or anything. I don’t say it a lot, I randomly do so I was wondering if I shouldn’t do that.


I think your in serious trouble now,:D:D Cupcake, and the big guy…“G”…knows right where you live…and all the rest of, too.:smiley:


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