Using Jesus' name as an exclamation sinful

I recently went to an amusement park on a school trip. Half way through the day it started to rain and I decided to go on another roller coaster. When the coaster picked up speed, the rain started hitting my eyes with more force and for whatever reason I yelled, “Jesus!” I usually try not to say that or other phrases like omg. Is what I did a sin and if it is, is it mortal?

for anything to be a sin, you must intend to the sin. So, if you do things accidentally without intending to, then its not a sin. it sounds like it was an accident. and it sounds like you didnt mean too.
sometimes when i play basketball and get frustrated i will accidentally say the Lords name in vain. But not on purpose it just blurps out sometimes. I try not too but if it happens and you dont mean to do it its not a sin.

GOD commands us not to take HIS name in vain - commands not to do it. Vanity in use would fall under anything that is not worship or teaching. The difference between mortal or venial sin is defined upon intent and knowledge of the seriousness and consequences. However a continuous and repetitive use of the GOD name as an exclamation or surprise or text will no longer pass as “an accident” and the self-forgiveness of same does not qualify as forgiveness in place of the Sacrament of Confession.

The very fact that you/anyone would chose “involuntarily” to profane the LORD’s name in vain as an exclamation raises the question as to how and why you learned to do so, and how and why you feel comfortable to do so in disrespect to GOD 10 Commandments.

Research and learn and pray “The Golden Arrow Prayer” and you will re-teach yourself on how GOD looks at the use of HIS name. And praying this prayer will go a long way in reparation of the times you have sinned in the vain use of HIS name.

Sometimes I say the Lords name on accident. I dont mean to. I feel guilty afterwards. But after years and years of doing so, its a tough habit to break. I am trying to stop. I dont feel comfortable doing it.

I said it once by complete accident. I was surprised to hear it coming out of my own mouth.

Whenever someone else uses God’s name in vain I silently pray “Holy Name of Jesus, I adore Thee” or “Blessed be God, blessed be His Holy Name.” It helps me be more mindful of the company I keep and the shows I watch. And if the thought to use God’s name in vain crosses my mind, saying the prayer suppressed that temptation.

I understand the gravity that God’s name carries and I have for a long time so I don’t use it in any regular habit whatsoever except in like prayer. In a situation like that I usually just say things like, “jeesh,” but for whatever reason I used the word I did. I’m just wondering if the situation I described in the original post was a sin and if it is a sin, how serious.

If I used the name of Jesus as an exclamation I’d run to the confessional as fast as I could.

The requirements of knowledge and deliberate consent were not met - therefore not mortal.
However…the use of the name was “in vain” (useless) and therefore disrespectful to Our Lord (unless you intended it as a prayer). Therefore, the act was objectively sinful.


Sometimes we need to retrain ourselves not to use words as commonly used in our society.

You already know not to use the name of Our Lord as a common exclamation. You may want to retrain yourself not to use “jeesh”, since it is a shorten (hidden) version of exclaiming “Jesus”.

“Oh, my gosh” might be a changing from “Oh, my God”… but sometimes the speaker doesn’t even realize what the words are changed from… so are not using the phrase to insult God. However, with knowledge, some people choose to drop “Oh, my gosh” from their expressions.

You can ask God to forgive you, if you exclaim something and wished you haven’t. You can later confess not using God’s name properly. In prayer and in confession, you can ask God to give you more control over your words.

Blessings to you.

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