Using Message Board on Cell Phone

Hope this is the correct place for this, if not hopefully someone can help me anyway.

I use this website on my cell phone but on occasion this happens…

its for different things, to be added to the mailing list or for donations… I resize it, click it or close it… can someone tell me how to by pass this when it happens?

You can’t - it’s how the site has been set up and how it appears on phones. I get the same thing/view on my phone. It’s nowhere near as bad on a desktop pc because the screen of the monitor obviously is much larger.

All you can do is as you have been doing -

until things change.

sorry I meant to say I can not resize it, click on it or close it. Even if I want to donate the pop-up doesn’t allow it. Nothing happens when I click on it.

Do you know how long those pop-up last or come up?

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Hmm, well, yes that does change matters.

I have no idea. They seem to last for quite a while, as there is another pop-up that comes across from the side and has been popping up for what seems like months.

I think your best bet would be to PM the ca webmaster, or alternatively email CA by using this contact form and selecting the department, which would be forums or webmaster, I think.

if you back up to one page earlier does it go away? That was the only way I was able to get rid of it…one reason I don’t ever close out of CAF… I just open a new tab or turn off my phone. But, going back to the previous page worked. It was extremely frustrating!

no, mainly cause I can’t leave it open or rather purposely leave it open, cause I tend to close all my windows sometimes on my phone… usually without thinking.

and when I refresh my screen it just pops up again after a few seconds… off to email the above. will post if I get a reply.


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