Using Teamviewer for business without license

Dear fellow forumites,

I had an online meeting with a customer, he specified teamviewer as the meeting platform, but I didn’t have it installed.

So I downloaded it and picked the “run only (one time use)” option. Then we had our meeting, which was of business nature.

After the meeting I discovered the customer didn’t have a paid license (neither did I). Teamviewer officially requires one end at least to have a license, but now neither of us have a license. Am I cheating Teamviewer??
What should I do?

Thank you in advance.

Google around and find free conferencing software. Skype has something that is both free and allows screen sharing. Zoom apparently has both free and paid versions. There are Google options and others.

Choose one and become familiar with it. Then when you want to meet with a customer you can tell them which program you use and be confident both in terms of using the product and acting ethically.


Sounds like a Free Trial version…

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My question is: Did I cheat? Was it a sin?

No. Contact their Customer Care if you have more questions.

  1. Grave matter
  2. Knowledge
  3. Willful disobedience.

You don’t qualify for 2 and 3. Sorry, no sin. Try again later. :grin:

No, actually, before downloading it, I knew Teamviewer is free only for personal use, but not for commercial use. I was thinking of buying a license after the meeting (I didn’t want to buy a license, but I thought I had no choice because I was using Teamviewer for commercial use without license, so I need to buy a license to pay them back).

So I qualify for no. 2 (knowledge).
I am posting here to find out whether I can save my subscription money (not buying license) without sinning. :roll_eyes:

You committed no sin, not even venial sin. It was the customer who initated the use of Teamviewer, and you had a reasonable expectation that he was following the rules.

If it had been you using Teamviewer contrary to their license agreements, knowingly, to initiate a contact with someone things would have been different.

I see no sin here though. Not one that I can articulate and could confess if I had gone through the same thing.

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No. You didn’t know they didn’t have a license.

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You mean I am not obliged to buy license after the online meeting to pay them back??

There are many programs that offer free versions of their software in hopes to entice users to opt for the full version which offers more services and benefits for those who pay for the extras. Since these types of programs are available free elsewhere, they offer theirs free too, but with the option of upgrading. If all you are doing us using the basic free version there is no stealing, being that it’s free for personal use or as a trial version for business users.

Simply use Skype. It is free and easy.

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You weren’t the one who specified using it.

I think you’re good on this. TeamViewer is generally for remote access to another PC (or Mac). Basically it would be the responsibility of a business owner to purchase a license in order to use the product to provide that service for repair directly. This means he is charging you directly for remote repairs for example.

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Why should you?!

You were contacted by someone you were reasonable sure would conduct his business properly. You later retrospectively found out he didn’t. The fault isn’t on you, nor are you obligated to pay for his inadequacies.

I think you’re good on this one.

I, in my role as advisor on all technical matters declare that you have not sinned and do not need to purchase a license for the reasons already listed above.

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TechieGuy, leonhardprintz, catholicray, angel12: thank you very much for your advice, I appreciate it.


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