Using the Internet to Make Personal Decisions for You...Brilliant!


26 is not old. You are a baby!!! Relax, please. Do you want somebody with whom you can spend the rest of your hopefully long life, or do you want the first gal that comes along, and all her emotional baggage?

And watching Futurama is never a waste!!! Auqateen- waste of time.


Stop keeping us in suspense, let us know what happened :confused:

I met my beautiful wife online as well. Thank you Ave Maria Single Catholics Online.

BTW piofaustina, pray to St. Joseph. Check out the aforementioned website (Ave Maria).


My husband could have written that post… he’s got a fantastic sense of humor and is such a wonderful man. And he was 29 when we got married. So there is NO rush! He had already been through college, spent 4 years on Active Duty and then met me. So yeah, he knows what you mean about feeling like you’ve been around the block a time or two and now want to find a wife.

I urge you to pray to St. Joseph… (like another poster said)… and let God handle the rest. But be honest with yourself and any potential dates!

Good luck and God bless!:smiley:


Wow! For a minute there, I thought I was in a time warp. When I met my husband,although he did have a college degree, he was in a dead end job at a supermarket ( so was I for that matter, that’s how we met!). My husband was VERY SHY when we met. I found out much later that I was the first serious relationship he has been in. He is not into porn.
I found him to be a very sweet thoughtful man and very different than any of the other guys I had dated. That he was willing to wait until we were married before we enjoyed the marital embrace was a great relief to me.
Currently, we have been married for 7 years and our 3rd child is due in July.

So yes, there is a hope and I will pray that you meet a beautiful faith filled woman who appreciates your sense of humor as much as we have:)


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