Using the Lord's Name in Vain Question

Please, people, for the sake of this particular OP, can we all just clam up?

^ This.

Really people, for the sake of this particular OP, can we just grind this discussion to a screeching halt?

You only need go through his posting/question history to understand his troubles and realize that this back-and-forth can be harmful to him.

Editing this post out of sensitivity for scrupulosity of topic creator.

The point was to show how silly it is. It is not a sin to say “Oh my goodness.” Even throw in a “gracious.” If so then every little old church lady I’ve ever known is hell bound.

It is dangerous because it is wildly wrong and can contributes to people worrying about evil where there is none. I’ll start another thread soon.

He claims - repeatedly - that he is not scrupulous but just doesn’t understand moral theology. No, they aren’t the same thing. Since we have a hermeneutic of trust here on the boards, I am trying to take him at his word as far as possible. It seems to be a stretch but it could be that he is truly just confused about principles.

All the more reason for the OP to GO STUDY PRINCIPLES.

I agree that it is making this thread MORE
confusing than clarifying for the OP.
It is only a VENIAL sin to take the name of
God in vain if IN CONTEXT it makes sense
to do so. But DELIBERATELY taking His
holy Name in vain shouldn’t EVER be con-

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