Using the lords name in vain when discussing theology verbally

I know that using the lords name in vain is a mortal sin. What I want to know is if using it in the context of discussing theology verbally or through online texting would be a sin as well.

The phrase “Using the Lord’s name in vain” means using the Lord’s name in place of or as a curse word, for example, when you stub your toe and exclaim “Jesus!”.

Saying the Lord’s name within the context of a theological discussion is not using it in vain.

I’m not sure what you mean. Are you asking if it’s a sin when I discuss whether or not it is a sin to say “oh my God” in vain? Because it’s not.

Or are you calling theological discussion vain?

What about using it online. Would that be a sin as well.

What, talking about Jesus Christ and God online? Why would that be in vain?

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