Using the Lord's Name in Vain

Its no secret that television especially is really a Luciferian creation-if it was from God, then it would be all good and I,ve known this from a young age. When I was little I was taught that it is not nice to point your finger at people (like the Accuser Satan) because it is firstly undiplomatic and secondly that we cannot walk around pointing fingers at one another because we have to have tolerance for others who are not like us. To me it is a beautiful lesson and I have never pointed my finger at someone…though I am not saying that I am a saint. In any case, of course we see this gesture in films and if anything it is more acceptable there because it is a make-belief world. But I have noticed recently that the finger pointing is happening even on reality tv, which I do believe is minimally scripted. The bible says that we are not to mingle with ungodly people. It seems that there are more people on television and all around who say ‘Oh my God’. Are you experiencing being accused? Its much tougher to teach an adult than a child…when a child does that you can gently discourage them from doing that and guide them to learning greater tolerance but adults…not so much…no point if they have no God in them anyways. Personally, I am finding it difficult to find people who love God, the Father, and don’t, which is not to say that they are not out there, its just that I have not come across too many. Perhaps that is why I strayed away from the Catholic church…but I am back. In any case, would love to hear some feedback. God Bless.

Wow…if it were from God it would be ALL good? Humans are from God…no wait…

Of course humans are from God but not all humans are Godly…right? Not all people try to imitate Christ.

I have stopped watching tv except for good movies or EWTN… a few days ago I started watching it again, but then stopped once more, because it was not having a good effect on me. Honestly I don’t miss it at all.

When people take God’s name in vain, on TV or in real life, that makes me sad too, I just say in my mind “blessed be His name”.

God bless :slight_smile:

What I mean to say about how communication via television (which is what television is essentially I think…communication), is not ALL good (not talking about the living people on it necessarily) and that if it would be all good then it would be from God because all communication from God is good, isn’t it? I mean isn’t God always trying to communicate love. Isn’t God love? So we know that when we hear someone cursing…it isn’t godly ( I am not saying that I don’t ever curse-when the situation is right but I don’t make a habit of it because I know that that type of communication is not good…and not Godly. Maybe I did not communicate that well enough the first time. God Bless everyone :).

Yeah, I feel the same thing too. What I say in my mind is “May His name be held holy.”

I just think we need the gift of discernment. Obviously not everything in television is good (most of it is bad really), but not everything is bad either. There are lots of Catholic shows and morally-themed shows that are good to watch. It just pays to discipline one’s self in regards to the quality of programming we accept. God bless. :slight_smile:

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