Using the Lord's name in vain

I find it very offensive hearing others use the Lord’s name in vain during general conversations, such as while at work, etc. As a result, I am very strict with my own speech to avoid, even accidentally, using the Lord’s name in a disrespectful way.

Today I ran into a friend at the grocery store. He told me that a mutual friend of ours, whose father died only days before, is now suffering with the accidental death of his 22 year old daughter. Out of sadness and shock, I quietly said, “Oh my God.” Immediately after saying it, I felt like I had used the Lord’s name in vain. What is your opinion of this? Am I being overly scrupulous? Was it a mortal sin?

Sounded to me more like the beginning of a prayer.

Well… being a person of great pseudo-intelligence … I doubt that was a sin… because it was used in a caring fashion…

while growing up, I heard the lords name taken in vain every day… it was so bad it made my stomach churn… and yet we went to church every sunday… being a young person I kept my thoughts to myself… and questioned myself this question… why would you curse the lord in one breath then the next give him praise… a contradiction in terms…
it took a while but I forgave them for how he spoke… as an old man he never swore again and felt bad about how he was… I believe God forgave him as well… well I hope so…
I think he is just lucky that his life was not cut short and he had the opportunity
to mend his ways with the lord

Sometimes i say Jesus when i really need His help. I don’t think that was a sin, but you might want to mention it at confession.

That is probably one of the moments it is good to call upon God. If you meant it sincerely, you shouldn’t worry about it.

God Bless

A mortal sin has three components: grave matter, full knowledge, and complete consent (“a consent sufficiently deliberate to be a personal choice”). CCC 1859

You have the first two, but I doubt you have the third. For it to be there, you would have had to think, “I know it’s wrong, but I choose to say it anyway.” It doesn’t seem as though you did that; more like it was a reaction.

In that case, it was venial at worst. To me, it sounds more like you were instinctively calling for His comfort, rather than taking His name in vain. And that’s an act of charity.

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