Using the Papal Insignia Legal?

Hey guys,
I’m working on a logo for an Apostolate and was wondering if it is wrong/illegal to use the Insignia of the Papacy in a logo. I’m talking about the image with the keys crossing in the center and a decorative hat/crown atop it. Now, the image I began the design with is royalty free/uncopyrighted clip art. I altered the colors and the detail a little, but other than that, it is pretty much the same.

Can/should I do this?

I’d be interested to know this as well.

The coat of arms of the Papacy is peculiar to the Papacy. So is any form of it which combines the personal arms of the Pope with that of the Papacy. The content of the shield is known as the blazon - the combination of crest, helm, shield, & motto is known as the** achievement**.

At least by the laws of heraldry that hold for England, the motto (if any) of the bearer of a coat of arms can be used by anyone. Whether this is true also for the heraldry of Vatican City State, :shrug:

The helm, or in the Pope’s case the mitre, is part of the coat of arms - it is therefore the property of the bearer, and can be used by no-one else.

Coat of Arms of H.H. Pope Benedict XVI

NB: the heraldry of Anglican bishops, not now being subject to the Canon Law of the Roman Catholic Church, shows some variations from it: they, unlike their Roman counterparts, do include mitres in their coats of arms - the See of Durham (until 1832) a Prince-Bishopric, is like this:

The book to read on the heraldry of the Roman Catholic Church is AFAIK that by the late Mgr. Bruno Heim:

See “List of Publications”, especially: [/LEFT]
*][LEFT]Heraldry in the Catholic Church: Its Origins, Customs, and Laws, New Jersey: Humanities Press Inc, 1978 (ISBN 0-391-00873-0). [/LEFT]
[/LIST][LEFT]Short answer to your question, & AFAICS: No. [/LEFT]

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