Using the Proper Name of God


In discussing the use of the proper name of God, Yahweh, in liturgy, the topic came up that I thought worthy of discussion.

The Jewish people had traditions whereby the name of God was not to be used or written. When I was researching this on the USCCB website, I found numerous links where the name of God was used extensively in the footnotes. So I do not see that the doctrine of the Church mirrors that of Jewish tradition. Also, the Bible does not forbid the use of the name of God. I guess I am with Peter that said that the yoke of Judaism that their Fathers could not bear should not be put upon the Gentiles. Yet I have seen Protestants who write “G-d” and will not even use the English word. Is this just a popular spirituality or a doctrinal belief for some?

Anyone have any personal rules you follow? Does anyone belong to a Church that has a doctrine on this subject?


The Catholic Church has no prohibition against saying or spelling out the name of God. Nor do Protestants, to the best of my knowledge.


However the people of God in the OT addressed Him, we in the NT have been revealed His name and how to address Him;

Jesus Christ, Lord and King of Kings, God Incarnate.

The name ‘God’ will NOT save us! There is only ONE NAME, under Heaven, that WILL!



Jewish Christians, example John Parson’s @ Hebrew for Christians (link)


Other than the recent prohibition from using the word Yahweh in the Liturgy.


I know that this may be coming, but while this was discussed, some folks were posting that one should never use the name of God. Maybe it is just a quirk of traditional catholics.


Well, perhaps it was because the Name YHWH (no one knows the true pronunciation; the popular form ‘Yahweh,’ while an educated guess, is still just that, a theoretical pronunciation), as far as can be determined, was never used before in Christian liturgy.

Personally, while I do not hold the ultra-reverence that Jews have over The Name, I do think that using it frequently might expose it and make it liable to profanation and blasphemous use.


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