USWNT draws fire for running up score, celebrating: 'I'm disgusted ... there are kids watching

Is there anyway we can blame Trump for this?


Well the one purple-haired player refused to put her hand over her heart or sing the National anthem because, and I quote, “F Trump”. So they’ve got that going for them.

I don’t want to come down hard for or against these ladies - I understand there could be some advantage to racking up a big score later down the line in the tournament - but I have felt for some time that sportsmanship values have been weakening for some time in our culture. But I know people always say that.

What I don’t quite get is the effusive celebrations coming after say Goal No. 4 or 5, wouldn’t it become a ho-hum affair after the reality of the rout settles in?

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As far as i know, score differential is used as a tiebreaker.

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But only in determining seeds, right? Because at this level of soccer I thought a tie would be settled by penalty kicks.

Yes, i think that is right. its for determining who moves to the next round if there are ties in that regard.

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I am reminded of an organist who used to play “Hey Hey Goodbye Now” when the home team took a commanding lead in the game. When that favor was returned later at the other’s ballpark, all heck broke loose.

So is it more insulting to lose by a large number to a superior team that does not cut corners.
Or to a superior team that pulls back and does not play to their best.

Personally, I would rather lose to a team that does their best and never stops then to a team that slows their play down to cater to feelings.

These are the best female soccer players in the world. It is insulting to athletes at that level to play with one arm tied behind your back. This isn’t some child’s rec. league.

The same thing happens in college and pro athletics, where point differential matters in tie breakers and seeding.

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It would seem indeed incredibly patronizing if the other team in game of footie went at it with kid gloves like that because they reckoned your side needed a break of couldn’t keep up.

It’s footie tomarin, even where there are loads of goals people get effusive. One player used to strip of and run about trailing his top around until the governing body told him to stop doing as he was breaking the rule breaking for wearing an uniform. Obviously the ladies are not going to do but over effusive and over the top behaviour is common. As is crying by spectators on the loosing side. I once worked with a bloke whose side came in as the losers in a major cup match. He walked around the office for a day slamming coffee cups down and growling at people and actually punched the walls on his way home. My colleague at work actually started crying when his team lost a match in the final of the FA cup. He visibly started weeping and put his head on his arms and had tears in his eyes for hours afterwards.

Imagine what it’s like to go 108 years without winning the World Series.

I hear baseball is coming to London in late June.

Yes, I have prepared my placard in protest at these American invasions of the culture. More seriously, we actually played it at school believe it or not. As I’m left-handed I have some marginal advantage with this and cricket and they are the only two sports I’d ever say I was much good at.

They call it rounders if I remember correctly.

That’s slightly different. We actually US style baseball and basketball and rugby and football (by which I mean the real football!) and cross country running. The latter was reserved for when the pitch was too wet for games, usually the goal was five miles for the lesson.

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