UT/TT Poll: Abbott Holds 11-Point Lead Over Davis


After what are shaping up to be easy primary wins in March for the leading gubernatorial candidates, Republican Greg Abbott starts the general election race for governor with an 11-point lead over Democrat Wendy Davis, according to the latest University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll.

Meanwhile, several statewide races on the Republican primary ballot — for lieutenant governor, attorney general and comptroller — appear headed for May runoffs. None of the leaders in those races looks close to the 50 percent support they would need to win next month’s primary outright.

In the governor’s race, Abbott would beat Davis 47 percent to 36 percent in a general election held today, with 17 percent of registered voters saying they have not made up their minds about which candidate to support, according to the poll.



This poll is sampling registered, not likely voters. Such polls at this juncture will favor democrats, which probably means in reality that Abbot’s lead is even bigger.


I hope Abbott wins. Republicans have been doing an awesome job in Texas with their efforts to turn the tide on legalized abortions. The evidence of this is how angry the abortion side is about what Republicans have been doing. One can often know the person by who hates him. And the abortion lobby loves the Democrat party and hates the Republicans.


So, 36% of Texans support a KNOWN fraud, a woman whose entire life story is a lie. Wonderful… Sometimes I think that Americans don’t deserve freedom anymore. :frowning: Rob


Worse yet a women who’s claim to fame is filibustering a bill that outlawed abortions after 20 weeks.


She was being consistent with the Democrat party which calls abortion “sacred ground” and an absolute right. That’s why Planned Parenthood loves the Democrat party so much and why they have Obama as their official spokesman and apologist. You know about this. But, when it comes to this, a lot of Catholic voters either don’t know, don’t know and don’t care, or do know and don’t care.


It works this way: The Democrats and progressive Republicans fleece taxpayers for beaucoup millions of dollars each year to give to the eugenicist-founded PP, and a portion of it comes back to those pols, helping them produce propagandistic “war on women” messages. In essence, pro-life people are forced to fund propaganda against themselves! :banghead: Rob


The progressive Republicans are a small minority in the party with minimal influence. By contrast, a conservative Democrat is rare. That’s why Planned Parenthood is hardline Democrat and doesn’t treat the two parties the same. The Republican party has been fighting an uphill battle considering that Democrats have held the majority power since Jan 2007 and considering how mainstream media (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, New York Times, AP, Reuters, Hollywood movies and TV shows) propaganda as well as public school indoctrination is always on the side of Democrats. But, Republicans have been able to make small Pro-Life victories here and there such as in Texas. But it isn’t so much about winning as it’s about trying. And God will triumph over evil in the end.


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