UT/TT Poll: Clinton Still Leads in Texas, But Margin Has Narrowed


Hillary Clinton’s lead over Bernie Sanders has narrowed considerably in Texas but remains in the double digits among the state’s likely Democratic primary voters, according to the latest University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll.

The former secretary of state is leading, with 54 percent, a week before the Texas primary, while Sanders, a U.S. senator from Vermont, has the support of 44 percent of the respondents.



Come on Bernie! If there was ever a chance for you to not fail spectacularly at something, this is your chance!!


People have critiqued Bernie for not attacking Hillary directly in his campaigning. I think he is being shrewd.

Why risk alienating people when he can rely on the drip drip drip eroding her foundation, as the media continues to follow up on Hillary’s scandals. His fate has always been tied to the email releases and what the FBI concludes from their investigation.




How many Democrats are there in Texas to begin with? I know, it’s a BIG state. The pundits are also talking about the Democratic primary in Oklahoma, which, I think, must have as many as 10 Democrats statewide.


There are a lot in Dallas, Austin and Houston and even a decent amount in San Antonio and south to the border. The north western part of the the state is solidly Republican. Like most states, the major cities swing Dem compared to the smaller towns. But Texas has a heck of a lot of small towns.


Well, it is a very big state. So if Utah has 10, I’m guessing Texas has about 50. :stuck_out_tongue:


The last time Texas went for the Democratic Party in the general election was in 1964 for LBJ, who was a Texan. That’s over 50 years ago! No shades of gray (or purple) in this state.


This may help ,Metzleboy.



Thanks for the link, graciew.


Exactly 41% voted for Obama, it’s not like there are no Dems in Texas, not by a long shot. Lest we forget the whole Wendy Davis filibuster antics of a couple years ago in Austin and all the protests.


Well, if we can have a socialist and a (how do I say this without getting an infraction)…a person who might need to go to prison for a crime, as the two democratic frontrunners, I say “anything is possible!”


It’s good you avoided names. Trump vs. Clinton in the general election: how fortunate for the American people.


It’s hard to believe, isn’t it?

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