Utah ancient rock: US scouts could face charges



What do you think? If it was loose enough to topple by Boy Scouts, wasn’t it close to toppling on its own? :confused: They’ve actually received death threats! I don’t know if they were perhaps endangering possible passer-bys.

Glenn Taylor was filmed by a colleague pushing the 170 million-year-old red rock in Goblin Valley State Park and celebrating afterwards.

The two scouts say they have received death threats after the video was posted online.

The two men argue the rock was loose and could have fallen on a passer-by.


If it was possible to move as was described, it was a danger to anyone camping near it.


170 million years old, huh? Does it have a production date on it or something?


I wonder if the Park Service was monitoring it? It seems they should be over there, where they have these types of geological attractions. I wonder how receptive they are if a citizen reports an unsafe one?

I’ve found that with our local Forest Service, that they are sometimes irrational in efforts to preserve things just the way they are. They can be difficult to work with. Our local farmers have problems with them, I’ve heard. They can be petty and controlling. Also, they, like everyone, are suffering from staff cutbacks.


LOL, I’ll bet if I found a rock on my own property, it’d be that age!


When you watch the video it’s clear in what spirit the scoutmasters toppled the rock, and also clear that it took considerable effort by a grown man to do it. If the rock formation was really unstable there should have been a warning sign or at the very most a fence to keep visitors out. In no case should it have been destroyed. I hope these bozos are prosecuted for vandalism. More importantly, I hope they change their mind and apologize, to provide a good model for the kids who looked up to them.


Yeah there are ways to date rocks just like there are ways to date trees and such.


If a man jumps off the Empire State building and you shoot him to death as he passes by your floor, you would still be guilty of murder. This falls in roughly the same catagory. If they were so worried about them falling on passerby’s they could have expressed their concern to a park ranger.

I am really tired of our “look at me” culture. They filmed themselves commiting a crime. What did they expect, a merit badge? It’s clear they were doing it for fun. They should be good scouts and take their punishment like men.

Death threats are obviously wrong though. Infinitly far from an appropriate response.


If it’s stood there for 170 million years then it wasn’t in imminent danger of just “falling over.”

My kid told me one of my motorbikes “just fell over” the other day. Turns out he was climbing on it.

Things don’t just fall over




First, this was not adolescent scouts that destroyed the natural monument but their full grown adult leaders. They should know better and be charged with vandalism.

It is a very slim excuse that they were motivated by ‘safety concerns’. The state park was created specifically to preserve these rock formations. If one thought the formations were dangerous, then you don’t go into the park. You don’t destroy the natural legacy of the good people of Utah on your own initiative.

If it were truly precarious, then they could have cordoned off the area and informed the park rangers. This is so simple and obvious that I can only believe they were more motivated by mischief than civic duty. That they attempt to defend their decision, claiming they made the “right decision”, is all the more reason to press charges.

I myself am an Eagle Scout, and an adult scout leader. I hope the Boy Scouts remove or suspend them from leadership. Adolescents already have enough motivation to vandalize things; their scout leaders should be setting an example of positive behavior and public service to help channel their scout’s energy into productive work.


This is disturbing on so many levels. They proudly committed vandalism and even filmed themselves doing so. The leader even said, “I’m glad we did it.” It was a 2 MILLION year old rock formation!!! It’s shame that common sense cannot be taught. If they felt a loose rock why did they not report it to the Park Ranger? Why did they take it upon themselves to push it off? There were several of them and their combined strength pushed it off. Perhaps they have never heard of “Leave No Trace” and “Leave What You Find”. If they have no respect for the earth they have no respect for themselves. This scout leader needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The other “scouts” need to immediately be banned from scouting before more damage is done to our parks.
Last week everyone was complaining that our parks were closed. Now that they are open and the Boy Scouts vandalized a national treasure everything is perfectly okay. :mad:




I agree. Their action was as bad as if they had spray painted graffiti on the rock.

That said, I believe they should be charged, convicted, and sentenced to community service time - specifically, time spent working in the parks on conservation projects.


“No good deed goes unpunished”! :rotfl: Maybe the Obama administration will make them put it back.


What?? You are trying to relate this to the government shutdown? :stuck_out_tongue:


I am particularly offended that the article refers to the leaders as “scouts”, as this unfairly maligns the youth of the scouting program directly. The leaders actions do more than enough to damage the reputation of the Boy Scouting program without the sloppy news writing.


A couple of things occur to me about this.

What exactly are they guilty of?
Pushing a rock over? That is not a crime.
Destroying a work of art? Who was the artist?

I see nothing wrong here.


Really? You don’t see the stupidity in the damage they caused?

Something stood there for millions of years, and is in a Park created to protect such interesting and unique rock forms and a couple of (insert descriptor here) come along and push it over 'cos it’s a good idea?

In a national park here it’s illegal to disturb anything - rock, tree, plant or animal.

They could face charges of criminal damage.


What exactly has been damaged?

When it comes right down to it, every step taken by these people into this place changes features that have been around millions of years.

So why the judgement that this rock piled precariously upon another is somehow worth more then whatever others they stepped upon getting there?

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