Utah and the Nativity Story Movie


Some friends of mine here in Northern Utah went to see the Nativity story About a month before Christmas. They told us that there was only one other couple in attendance. Then as soon as the movie aired it was stopped. So we did not get a chance to see it. Then the day before Christmas is came out again so on Saturday we went to watch it. There were six other people in the theater. The movie was fantastic. Everyone that I spoke to that had seen it said they loved it. My question is this. Why did not all of Northern Utah go and see this film? Were some told not to go here in Utah? Was there something in this movie that prevented the LDS from attending?


I’m not aware of anything negative said by LDS. My wife and I (both LDS) wanted to go during the holidays but ran out of time and didn’t make it. I had other friends who were planning on seeing it as well.



Fantastic movie. Loved it!


Yes it was really good. I just assumed that the movie theaters would be packed here in Utah. There has to be a reason.

God Bless

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