Utah boy, 2, shot and killed by 3-year-old sister



I hope the parents get charged. Stupid people have no right to a weapon like that.


Very sad story. It appears that the father left it in an unloaded state but with live ammo in the magazine, and the 3 year old was unfortunately able to manipulate it.

It is possible that the father (I don’t see how the mother is involved in this, she didn’t have the gun) may be charged because even though he thought it was safe, it should have been locked up, although let’s face it, I can’t imagine a worse punishment than going through the rest of your life having to deal with your wife’s agony over losing her child at the hands of her OTHER child, the 3 year old’s agony over being the unwitting cause of her brother’s death, and your own knowledge that you could have prevented it.


didn’t another situation like this happen a year or so ago? in that case it was a 5 year old boy that killed his sister with a gun. I believe in that case, mom was taking the dog outside or getting the mail.

Please put your gins where children this young can’t get to them. Maybe not a gun case, but maybe somewhere a 3 year old can’t get to.

Gun ownership is fine for responsible law abiding citizens that take safety precautions with young children around.

Why was the three year playing with a gun anyway?


Praying for this little boy & for this family.


It is incredible to me that people leave guns where young children can get a hold of them. They are very short, so things can so easily be put out of their reach! Such a tragedy for this whole family.


If folks want to own guns they should never be in reach of a child. It makes me sick.

Many, many years ago this almost happened to one of my cousins and her little brother. Her family went to visit some friends and my aunt and uncle, thinking it was safe, laid the two down for a nap in their friends bedroom. My cousins were 2 years and 3 years old.

At some point my uncle decided he HAD TO check on them. As he entered the room he found his 3 year old daughter pointing a hand gun at her brother. He was laughing and saying “bang-bang.” Well my uncle almost dropped dead, but managed to keep his cool and “playfully” got the gun away from his little girl. Yes, it was loaded and it had been in the bed side night stand!

My uncle and aunt blew their stacks to say the least and never went back to these peoples house. He really wanted to knock some snot out of someone but didn’t. That was the end of the friendship however.


There have been quite a few of these types of news reports lately. How are little kids getting ahold of loaded weapons? Any parent who leaves a loaded weapon where a child can get it should go to jail. :mad:


My prayers for each member of this family who will no doubt endure very individual battles for a long time to come.

“On December 30, 1912, at the age of twelve, [Adlai] Stevenson accidentally killed Ruth Merwin, a 16-year-old friend, while demonstrating drill technique with a rifle, inadvertently left loaded, during a party at the Stevenson home.[7] Stevenson was devastated by the accident and rarely referred to it as an adult. However, in 1955 Stevenson heard about a woman whose son had experienced a similar tragedy. He wrote to her that she should tell her son that “he must live for two”, which Stevenson’s friends took to be a reference to the shooting incident.


Number one rule on any firearms (handguns,rifles, shotgun): Always treat it as if it was LOADED!!!


If the magazine is still attached how is the gun “unloaded”? I don’t think anyone would call a pistol unloaded just because there isn’t a round in the chamber.

Whether the father is, or should be charged criminally, his negligence killed his son.


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