Utah cafeteria workers take lunches from students who owed money on their school food accounts


Parents say about 50 elementary students in Salt Lake City had their school lunches thrown out because money was owed on their food accounts.

The lunches costing about $3 were taken from the children on Tuesday as they arrived at a pay station after cafeteria workers had given them the food.

He said the lunches were thrown out because they couldn’t be served to another student. Students whose lunches were taken away were given fruit and milk.



Wow. What a said day. Humiliating a child and depriving them of food at the same time.
I can see that it is definitely better to throw food in the trash then to give it to those deadbeat,no good kids.:frowning:


This is a disgrace. How is trashing food better than letting a child eat it? And what is there to gain by humiliating children like this?

This whole thing is beyond stupid. Those 50 kids should get free lunches for the rest of the year! Les the principal pay for them.


No words to describe the horror and shame.

So there would be no free lunch day to put on the credit to be taken from the next payment of meal tickets?

May these children grow in character and kindness from this.


I think a far better course of action would have been to send the child home with a note for the parent, or flag the child’s account to send an automated call home for the parent informing them the child was out of money, and giving the food to the child on credit against their account. What they did was humiliating, and it deprived the child of a proper lunch which could effect academic performance, learning, behavior, and even health if the child has health issues such as diabetes, hyperglycemia, etc. I recognize that allowing some kids to get off with not paying while requiring others to pay (exempting those on federal or state free or reduced-cost lunch programs) is unfair, but honestly, I really don’t think the situation merited throwing away the food in the front of the child. Maybe if these were repeat offenders in high school…maybe…but even then if you’re under 18 your guardian is the one responsible for seeing to your nutrition, not you. And yet it was the students who were most directly punished.


I was appalled when I read this. And as it turns out, not all these children were behind on their lunch payments. But in any case -sheesh! If this is such an issue, they should start scanning the kids cards before they go through the line so they are only given whatever food the school/pta is willing to pay for.

I understand that this was not a ruling from the principal, but done by the caferteria people on their own. If that’s the case, whoever it is should be fired. If it was the principal’s idea, he/she should probably be fired too - but I do like the idea of having salaries garnished to pay these children’s lunch bills.


Bah! I can’t believe so many of you object to teaching these little scofflaws a lesson in responsibility. The whole purpose of schooling is to prepare youth for the adult world. If you don’t correct them when they are young, they will grow up not paying for parking tickets, and cheating on their income taxes.

[quote=Fox News article]Students whose lunches were taken away were given fruit and milk.

See? The school showed compassion on the horde of juvenile delinquents by giving them a nutritious and filling alternative meal. Bread and water is what they deserved, if even that much. :mad:

Okay, I am kidding.

It seems the school district decided it needed to crack down on non-payment. They sent the child-nutrition manager to the school. S/he ordered the new policy be implemented with only two days notice to parents. Regrettably, not all parents were contacted before the new policy took place.

The school district has apologized and promised not to do the same at other elementary schools.


The kids probably took pizza or macncheese as their lunch. It would have been cheaper to let them keep that food than give them fresh fruit. :rolleyes:


I wonder how many of the kids texted their moms about what happened.

Yes, it was handled poorly, but it is not the end of the world.

I had an experience related to this. I’m still surprised that a co-worker made this comment, but earlier this school year she was upset that she had to pay 50% of her childs lunch, for the first time ever. Apparently she reported too much income to the school. She wasn’t going to make that mistake next year.

The child and the mother have every electronic device available. There is also a father in her life, that pays child support, and his mother is very generous with gifts to her granddaughter.

There was no excuse for the parents to not fullfil their financial obligation to that school.


They could have thrown in a few ketchup packets, too. Then they would have gotten their serving of “vegetables” also. :smiley:


i understand from the news report I saw that the school actually overcharged some of the students in the past which actually caused them to not have enough funds. So they did (not all) have money to buy the lunches. But the school regardless of their mistakes did this anyway.

The thought of a child having food taken from them is bad enough, then having it thrown away is so unbelievably sad. There are so many kids today that the only real meal they get is at school. :frowning:


[quote=Cricket2] This is a disgrace. How is trashing food better than letting a child eat it? And what is there to gain by humiliating children like this?

This whole thing is beyond stupid. Those 50 kids should get free lunches for the rest of the year! Les the principal pay for them.

If it was the principles idea sure. If it was Road cafeteria workers, let it come out of their paychecks. Or fire all of them as I would recommend doing with the teachers when they’re this stupid.

Stupid people must be kept away from our children at all costs

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Bad enough to take the lunches away…but then to throw them out ANYWAY!!!

Seems the cafeteria manager has been placed on a leave of absence and he and employees may be fired:



Umm, principal’s idea. As Sister Catherine used to tell us, the Principal is your PAL.


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