Utah NBC Affiliate Won’t Air New Gay Couple Comedy ‘The New Normal’

From Yahoo! News:

NBC’s Utah affiliate KSL-TV strikes again. The station, which is owned by the Mormon church, announced today that it won’t air the network’s new comedy series* New Normal.* Co-created by Ryan Murphy and Ali Adler, The New Normal stars Andrew Rannells and Justin Bartha as gay partners who are having a baby through a surrogate. “For our brand, this program simply feels inappropriate on several dimensions, especially during family viewing time,” Jeff Simpson, CEO of KSL’s parent company, Bonneville International, told local papers, including KSL sibling Deseret News. The New Normal is scheduled to air Tuesdays at 8:30 PM. Simpson cited “rude and crude” dialogue, scenes that “may be too explicit” or characterizations that “might seem offensive.” The show features racy language mostly courtesy of the outspoken, politically incorrect character of the surrogate’s mother played by Ellen Barkin.

KSL, which does not carry NBC’s Saturday Night Live, has a long history of preemting NBC primetime series it deems controversial. Last fall, it dropped period drama The Playboy Club for “objectionable material. (The series was picked up by MyNetworkTV’s station in the Salt Lake City market.) KSL’s previous NBC casualties include NBC’s racy comedy Coupling and the religious-themed animated comedy God, the Devil and Bob. Both, as well as The Playboy Club were quickly cancelled. Barkin tonight called KSL’s decision “blatantly homophic” on Twitter. “Shame on u ‪@KSLcom‬ not airing ‪@NBCTheNewNormal.‬ So L&O SVU (rape & child murder) is ok? But loving gay couple having a baby is inappropriate?” she wrote. “What will play in @NBCTheNewNormal‬ spot? A dude reading from the bible?”

Good for KSL!

Also see article in the Salt Lake Tribune, Deseret News, and The Hollywood Reporter.

Tweets from Ellen Barkin (one of the characters in the show):



Or you could take a look at her profile. What a charming individual…or not.

Tolerance or else! Gays rule, Christians drool!

i am glad they are standing up for what is right. I saw this advert and another on another channel with a gay undertheme and characters. i don’t need this beamed into my living room.

Why do people insist on using the word ‘homophobic’?

It is not a word or a recognized phobia…are they saying people break out in a cold sweat or have an anxiety attack when encountering a homosexual?

AHHHH!!! RUN AWAY!!! :eek:


Oh…I apologize. She used the word ‘homophic’. Hmmm.I’ll pause a moment and look that one up. It is in the Urban Dictionary after all. Silly me.


A Utah affiliate won’t air a new gay couple comedy? I’m shocked!

I read this years ago in an article :* if it is common it must be normal and if normal it must be good. *

I imagine the TV station knows that the viewers in their area wouldn’t care to see it.

Yeah. Which would be a good thing for their community if that is true. I am glad someone/companies are taking a stand for what is right and putting active the admendment of free religion in our country. It needs to be done more often. Tolerance is good, to a certain point, before it crosses the line of invading and hurting our beliefs and faiths. This should especially be done by the young people, like me, who are just old enough to vote and such.

You are concerned that younger adults cannot be exposed to different beliefs and societal dynamics than theirs without hurting their faith? Why do you have so little faith in bour brothers and sisters? Should they be kept in some kind of Christian cacoon?

What about College?

Good news. Petition you local affiliates and maybe they will do the same.

That is not at all what I was trying to say. And just for your information, I am in college at a big university. I was just saying that more action must be taken and that the younger generation, my generation, should get more involved with it. I am trying to do so as are some of my friends. I have faith in my Christian siblings but I just don’t trust the world, especially the media.

And that local sponsors wouldn’t want to be associated with it.

Sorry, I misread your post.

Too many here seem to want to establish a new “Christendom”

Too many on your side of the aisle seem to want a new definition of Christian. :shrug:

I am left-leaning politically regarding economics and the social welfare role of the Government.

I am an orthodox and traditionally leaning Catholic so you don’t know what you are talking about.

Regarding the actor’s mention of SVU – at least Law and Order: SVU airs at 10 Eastern/9 Central, a bit later at night and past the youngest viewers’ bedtimes. This show does not. I saw a preview for this show during the Olympics, and thought it looked crude. I was shocked when I heard that its timeslot was going to be 8:30 Eastern/7:30 Central. Whatever happened to the days when the shows with more grown-up material came on after kids’ bedtimes? (Before someone accuses me of being an old fogey, I’m not even 35 yet, lol.)

TV stations seem to be going farther and farther off the rails each season. We’ve been considering giving up cable for a while now.

Edited to add: After posting, I learned that SVU is moving back to 9 Eastern/8 Central this season…

I’m with you here. If we don’t watch out, we will become like Europe or Japan before we know it.

I believe bare breasts can be shown in these countries on regular TV.

What is “homophic?” :stuck_out_tongue:

We gave up cable/dish over a year ago and are happy we did. There are still shows that we like to watch, and we watch them online. With AppleTV and the Airplay/mirroring options, we can even watch them on our HDTV big screen. We are not missing a thing…

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