Utah Republican argues against equal pay for women: It’s ‘bad for families’ and society




Yikes, am I having a fever dream? Did I just get sucked back into the 1950s? Newsflash for him: not every woman wants to stay at home, not every woman has children, and not every mother has a spouse, let alone one that makes enough for her to stay home.


Thankfully, a republican senator immediately denounced him. What a backwards thing to say. I don’t think the guy was even a state senator, just a county person. I did a search and it came up for about every main stream media source.

Interestingly only a couple came up when I searched for Ed Rendell’s comment.


He has since apologised but how else did he expect women to take it. :frowning:

NYMAG: "Green said he didn’t mean to offend anybody or to undervalue women’s contributions in the workplace. “I want to clarify the main focus of my letter was to express that I don’t feel the government should be dictating to private establishments what they must do in regard to employment, hiring, or wages,” he said. “There was no offense intended toward Women, whatsoever. And yet some took it that way.”



I think the Utah Republican forgot as well about all the women who do have spouses and are mothers but whose paychecks are very much a benefit to their families.


What “they” (the government, private businesses) should not be dictating is how to make things even more inconvenient for working mothers who choose life – and yet once again, the “PRO-LIFE” train stops off at wherever that unborn baby’s mother has to pay the bills.



Ironic how the unborn babies we all want to save will need food in their tummies and proper care and nurturing once they’re born but nobody can agree that “PRO-LIFE” extends to equal pay for the unborn baby’s mother.


How untrue, but so many will claim this to ease their conscience for supporting the pro death party.



1 obscure county official is quoted, then condemned and you say nobody. This is a stretch even for the most extreme leftists.


The wage gap myth has been long debunked.

Women do not make less than men, they just take less-paying jobs and less hazardous ones.

I think a lot of employers would be tickled pink if they could say they had women in those positions.

And actually, a lot of couples DO make enough for there to be a stay-at-home Mom. :thumbsup:

It just means not getting every teenage kid their own private education, iphone laptap, car while living in an expensive suburban home with a lake cabin.


The fact that women have different jobs that pay less IS the wage gap.


Being dependent on government all of the time isn’t pro-life; it’s anti-dignity and pro-death.

And we know many on the left like to armchair-quarterback charity while taking all the credit and thinks that in order for a baby to born every pro-life person has to be taxed to death.


Think you just made the other posters argument, cool cool


No it isn’t. The whole movement is about “equal work for equal pay”. They’ve already got that.

And actually, it’s folks like George Soros and Barack H. Obama who don’t pay their female employees the same.


Where were all the marchers at the March For Life calling for more accessible adoption, better maternity leave policies, and everything in that LifeNews article? Do Crisis Prengancy Centers even offer pap smears and prenatal care that isn’t an ultrasound?

Where are the maternity leave policies and equal pay issues at marchforlife.org/ ?


One difference between the two parties is that the left will rarely call out their party on things they disagree with but, the right will.




These extreme leftists are so intellectually dishonest, hard to believe much of what they say.


No we don’t. People just don’t like our solutions because it involves personal responsibility, no sex outside of a valid marriage. and the idea that not every kid gets the latest I-pad and cable TV.


They are working on the equal work part. Unless the fact that women are disadvantaged in various industries due to structural issues doesn’t bother you.


I think you know what the march for life main purpose was, just as you know what the previous women’s march for death was all about.


Yes, I’ve indicated that as well.

The left circles the wagons every time one of their folks wanders off the reservation. If they go conservative, well, it’s all at war, of course, but if they misbehave their accolades in the media and culture and circle the wagons knowing full well they’ve got the race and gender cards ready to draw as well as the sniveling :bighanky: “but a republican did that too back in XYZ”…so I guess they get to double down our mistakes to feel included or something.

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