Utah woman has killed 6 of her newborn babies


I saw this story has been in the front pages lately, and Ive seen it on the news a few nights, It is sad, dont get me wrong, but I cant figure out why so many people are SOOO outraged by this, yet abortions go on every single day all over the country…?

So, she killed 6 of HER newborn babies…whats the difference in her and any other woman that goes in for abortions? Same thing imo, they are both killing their own children, one just did it at a different time.

Im half tempted to write an Op ed asking why the outrage about this, but not much recent outrage regarding abortions, Im curious what pro choicers would say to this? It was still that womens choice to kill her babies, Im assuming the pro-choice movement is supporting this woman then, strange though, because I have not heard any statements from them…maybe I need to email them and make them aware of this case, and ask if they know the difference in this and abortion…I doubt they could come up with a good answer!



How sad.

I agree with you. No difference between what this woman did and a woman having an abortion.

There is a case near where I live that involves a young woman who had a baby at a campground. The baby died apparently as a result of trauma. They are prosecuting the girl for the death.


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