Utilitarian readings on chastity?

I’m looking to share the virtue of chastity with someone who has not as yet embraced the Catholic paradigm. Any book and/or article recommendations would be appreciated.


Check out videos or books by Jason Everts and Crystalina Everts…husband and wife that goes around the country doing chastity talks for teens and college age kids. They are great in both the practicallity and morality of chastity. I think they’re at purelove.com

Against contraception and abortion, check out Dr. Janet Smith…her cd 'Contraception: Why not?" is a classic.

God bless

in XT.

St. Ambrose, a Doctor of the Church, was influencial in explicating the high edeals we have in the Church concerrning consecrated chastity. People mocked him, saying that the world would be depopulated if all followed his teaching. St. Ambrose responded by asserting that the population increases in direct proportion to the esteem in which virginity is held.

That is an amazing statement. Can it really be true? Of course, and we need only look at our current world. Pockets of immorality such as California have a higher death rate than birth rate not because of high crime, but because of abortion and contraception. France is even worse, and yet their population is not falling. This is because the number of Muslims immigrating to the country more than make up the difference. France is slowly becoming a Muslim country because of the immorality of its people.

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