V 2009

Has anyone here watched the 2009 version of ‘V’?

I’ve only seen season one but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s pretty much the only show I’ve seen which has a Catholic priest as one of the main characters. :slight_smile:

I know there’s a season 2 but I can’t find it anywhere in Australia D8

I loved the show, but it was cancelled right before it was about to get even better.

You can always download it in .avi form and watch it with VLC player. Since it was a TV show that was broadcast free of charge (i.e. not pay per view), I don’t think this is a sin any more than using a DVR is.

Stop the remakes. Please. The 80s miniseries is excellent. Make a sequel. Make a prequel. Just stop regurgitating.

V 2009 is far better than V 1984, in my opinion, and I’m a huge fan of old English-speaking SF (Omega Man, Blade Runner, Soylent Green, so on and so forth) - and, I do admit, remakes usually are terrible - like the Planet of the Apes remake.

The first two movies in the original Planet of the Apes series with Charlton Heston were some of the best science fiction films of all time. The remake with Mark Wahlberg is easily one of the worst.

The actress who played the Evil Queen in the 2009 “V” now is a star of Homeland. I keep expecting her to stab someone with her tail.

I liked the remake series pretty well although there were some annoying and/or silly plot elements (ie. Fr. Jack getting a sternly worded letter from “The Vatican” about his homily the previous Sunday…)

When they canceled the new “V” I joked that it probably wasn’t hard to break down the sets - I think the whole thing was filmed in front of a giant green screen.

There was also a funny line in the first episode, when the alien ships appeared in the sky- someone says “Wow, this is just like Independence Day”, and someone else says “Independence Day was just a ripoff of stuff that came before it”. Because for a long time I thought that the visuals of “Independence Day” with ships hovering above the worlds’ major cities was a direct ripoff of the original “V”. (Which may have been a ripoff of earlier sci-fi - “Earth vs the Flying Saucers” and stuff like that, but I’m not sure).

Note that I wasn’t allowed to watch the original miniseries when they first aired in the '80s because my parents thought it was too scary and/or it was past my bedtime. I was apparently the only kid in 2nd grade that DIDN’T get to see it. But I think they re-aired the miniseries a couple times and I eventually got to see more of them. What I didn’t understand was why the second miniseries was “V: The Final Battle”, but it wasn’t really the Final battle because they then came out with the weekly series, which just wasn’t as good, despite having Robert Englund (aka Freddy Krueger) as the “good” alien. The weekly series seemed to get bogged down in the same old same-old week after week (the Red Dust isn’t working, human girl is having an alien baby, stuff like that).

It wasn’t The Final Battle because the miniseries got good ratings and the network wanted to milk the franchise for all it was worth.

The Final Battle and the weekely series were done without the participation of Kenneth Johnson who did the first series. He tried to get a sequel to the first series called V The Next Generation off the ground but the network the aired the 80’s version wasn’t interested. He turned his script into a novel instead.

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