V aginal Ring Protects Women From HIV — When They Use It

An insertable ring that slowly releases an HIV-fighting drug can cut in half the risk a woman will get infected — if the woman uses it, researchers reported Monday.


Still a long way to go, but sounds like a start. Now I’m just worried about this propagating a drug resistant strain.

Oh, wow, what a nice invention. Kind of reminds me of condoms. They’re, like, super effective at stopping the spreading of AIDS, it doesn’t happen at all now that condoms have arrived on the scene.

Oh, wait. That’s right. I live in the real world. And not the Twilight Zone. :rolleyes:

Seatbelts reduce (but not eliminate) the risk of death in car accidents, but only if used regularly.
Only one sexual partner per person would greatly reduce AIDS too, but that too is unlikely for large societies.

I don’t think the issue is the size of society so much as the depravity of society.

It happens a heck of a lot less, when they’re used.

When used properly.

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