I live in Australia . And i was a big fan of the original. And was waiting for the new one with some excitement. But It got pushed back to later this year because of the cricket. Does anyone here watch it? And if so, is it any good? No spoilers please…

Only the first 4 episodes have been shown here, the rest won’t start until April, but I’ve enjoyed what they’ve shown so far and am looking forward to it continuing.

I really liked th first few episodes. However, it is a show that definitely has a limited lifespan. If they try to expand the show past three or four seasons then they will definitely be in “jump the shark” territory. I hope the writers have a story arch in mind and stay too it.

Among the interesting bits of the show is that one of the main characters is a Catholic priest!

He seems to have a lot of time on his hands, vs most of the priests I have known… but generally it is a positive portrayal.

there is an elder priest who’s probably the Parish Priest
i suspect him of being a V in disguise though, because he’s very pro-V

I’m guessing there will be a storyline that there are some V’s high up in the church heirarchy - there was some comment made early on about how the V’s had infiltrated every aspect of culture, government, even religion at high levels.

Upon reading that comment, I couldn’t help but think of the space pope from Futurama:

As stated above only 4 episodes have shown here in the US -the rest to show this spring.
Yes, It’s very good, I’m looking forward to the new episodes.
I never did watch the older (80’s) one.
There’s a V marathon on the Syfy channel this week,(the older 80’s ones) I’ll have to try to catch those.


i just hope they don’t go all out and make the pope a V

unless he’s a good V

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