Va. man acquitted of indecent exposure in his home

A man charged with indecent exposure after two women said they saw him naked inside his own home was acquitted Wednesday by a Virginia jury.

Erick Williamson, 29, has argued since his October arrest that he should not be punished for being naked in the privacy of his own home.

Police and prosecutors, as well as the two women who testified against him, said he intended to expose himself and made no attempt to conceal himself in a residential neighborhood filled with children.

“It’s really a weight off my shoulders after these last six months,” Williamson said after his acquittal. “I think (the verdict) kind of sets the record straight. It was an innocent action.”

Wow, I cannot believe you can be arrested for being naked in your own home.

My next-door neighbor had better hope not. My son accidentally glanced toward their house from our backyard and saw him naked in the kitchen.

Another time, he was walking to school and passed by a house where a young woman was naked in her bathroom with the curtains open. Both times, it was either early evening or early morning and the naked persons had the lights on and curtains open. Kind of draws your eye to the window.

Gee, it never would have occurred to me to press charges!

[quote=the article]Two women testified that they saw him naked that morning. The first, a school librarian, said she heard a loud moan and drunken singing. Then, as she drove by Williamson’s house at about 6:40 a.m., she saw him in the buff and called 911.

A police officer came by the house, saw nothing unusual and left.

Then, two hours later, Yvette Dean testified that she was walking her 7-year-old son to school when she saw a naked Williamson standing in an exterior doorway on the side of his home with the screen door wide open.

The jury quickly threw out the case because the prosecutors didn’t prove intent that he wanted to expose himself. Intent is required for a conviction of indecent exposure in Virginia.

I dunno… I suppose he was just so drunk he wasn’t aware of his surroundings. Still, he’s not someone I would want in my neighborhood.

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