VA priest defrocked for whistleblowing

If one wishes to give Bishop Loverde the benefit of the doubt, then so be it. I don’t know him personally. I’m sure he’s a nice man. But a nice man with poor judgement doesn’t belong as the bishop of a diocese. I don’t understand how one can argue with facts. The fact remains that a priest who brought immoral behavior to the attention of the bishop remains stripped of his duties as a priest. And let’s keep in mind this priest - Fr. Haley, had documentation, videos, emails etc…to back up his claims. The injustice of it all!!!

I think if we want to see positive change in our church we need to stand behind and support the priests who have the courage and integrity to stand up to bishops who would rather “wish all these sexual scandals away”. Bishop Loverde’s record will stand on its own…time will reveal whether he’s been a leader in the church or just another disappointment and embarrassment.

I am aware of this case. I have lived in the Diocese of Arlington since 1975. My church is Our Lady of Angels in Woodbridge.

Let me tell you about our Bishop Loverdi. He is very pro-life. But other than this fact he is a flaming liberal Democrat. Often seen rubbing elbos with the liberal Democrat elite.

Jason Weishaupt

When one blows a whistle there is always a personal cost that is born. The priest in question did not go to the police first. He went to his bishop he followed the chain of command. He testified truefully under a request for his testimony forced or not we should always be active and open with the police and investigators who are there to protect us. As a fellow whistleblower of smaller porportions I can tell you that this priest is probably doing much better mentaly. There comes a peace when you have done the right thing that makes the personal price easy to bear. In the end we will all stand before the true judge JESUS. He will know he has done his part to make this situation right. Even if the powers that be on earth never catch up. The powers of heaven are taking names and are never fooled.

[quote=Jodi]When one blows a whistle there is always a personal cost that is born.

I agree. And Fr. Haley knew this also. I believe he was quoted as saying that he believed this was something worth risking his life for. Perhaps I’ve paraphrased inaccurately, but that was the jist.

What bothers me about this is the message it sends to other faithful priests who may witness or be aware of immoral behavior taking place among their peers. They must now be fearful of losing their jobs or being transferred for speaking out. This is just terrible!! Why punish the messenger? Especially when dealing with issues of sexual misconduct…like our church hasn’t suffered enough already?

How else are we suppose to “clean house”?

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