Vacation Bible Camp: Tracking Mary: Mysteries & Messages

We are once again using the Catholic Kidz Camp program from Growing with the Saints. Another neighboring parish is also using this program. Very professionally done, written for Catholics, by Catholics. Each day features a different Marian apparition - Lourdes, Fatima Guadalupe, Knock & Mt. Carmel, and the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary. The children are learning while having fun with games, songs, crafts, etc. And not too soon. We found out how little the youth helpers & even some of the adults knew about the rosary. Almost immediately, I had a friend attack the rosary on Facebook as un-scriptural & pagan & associated with wicca. (She was raised Catholic, but now rejects it; her mother is dying & someone asked to pray the rosary for her). Our children will face these attacks on their faith as early as middle school.

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