Vacation Bible School 2010 :D


Hey all! So I guess this isn't directly related to family life and parenting, but parents are always the ones who are up on what kids love about VBS and summer camps. So, does anyone have any great VBS ideas to share? Things that are maybe out of the typical VBS routine, but that kids love? Share your ideas! I can't wait to hear them.


Activities that are active and hands-on rather than passive, and genuine enthusiasm in the staff. They like movies and dramas, just not so much with the one-way talking. Talking needs to be interactive.

Our staff used to go through the specified songs from the VBS package, pick out the best ones, and do those until the kids really knew the songs and the motions, rather than introducing something new every day. Kids don't mind doing a song over and over if its a good one. They tend to like running jokes, too. They participate more when they feel as if they know what to do.


One year I was a leader at the VBS. I came across the best little helper ever. It is a book entitled, "Incredible Edible Bible Fun," by Nanette Goings. The subtitle is "Making God's Word Memorable with Easy Recipes Children Can Do!" It was published by Group, Loveland, Colorado.

I still have my copy. Inside are recipes for "Mixed-Up-Mess" (Creation, Genesis 1:1-2), for instance. It is actually making a small amount of homemade butter, and then spreading the mixed up mess on crackers. With this is a page with the "message" from the Bible.

I found this to be delightful, even if it is a non-Catholic publication. Nothing seemed anti-Catholic, and you can, of course, aim it more to our Catechism. The kids had fun, as well.

My kids are all grown now, but I have 4 grandkids, who will get to share these lessons with Grandma!

Good luck and have fun! If you like, you may PM me, and I can share some of the recipes with you.


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