Vacation during lent

I’ve been wanting to go on a small trip with a friend for awhile now, and finally a good friend of mine wants to go. It’s only 4 hours away, so not a huge vacation just a short 3 nights/4 day trip. I feel bad going on a vacation or trip during lent, but do any of you think it’s fine that I go? She said she’s off that week and it’s the only time she can go… except really she just wants things convenient for her. But, I did really want to go. What do you all think?

You’ve expressed scrupulous tendencies here in the past. I encourage you to take counsel from your regular confessor or spiritual director.

Why do you think there would be any issue at all with such plans? Why do you believe this is a MORAL issue?

Well, why not? You can still do some Lenten practices on the QT, but make someone happy at the same time. You didn’t give up happiness and friendship for Lent did you? Also, consider what Ike said. Peace and have a good R&R-“Retreat”.:slight_smile:

A vacation can give time to think about things. Nothing wrong with that.

Did you make a lenten promise not to go on vacations during lent? I doubt it. Do your lenten promises if you have any, and the lenten laws prescribed by the Church. Trust the Church. Trust the Church if you are unsure of a sin. Trust Holy Mother Church!

I just returned from Spring Break trip with my family. Had a wonderful time, including lenten practices. Not sure why you wouldn’t be able to go on vacation during lent???:shrug:

Lent is a time of spiritual development, usually by giving up something in order to rely more on God and not on temporal things. Unless you specifically gave up “vacations” for lent, I don’t see how going on vacation can be a problem, any more than smiling or having a good time during lent. As Catholics we are meant to be joyful, even during lent!

I will go one better. I often do not observe Lenten sacrifices during Spring Break vacations, depending on what it is. What we give up is up to us anyway, as long as we also stick with the mandatory abstinence and fasting required. My whole family does the same thing. Some people also exempt Sundays. I think the key is make your Lenten promises and stick with them.

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