Vacation Mass Abuse?

So I attended mass in Huntington WV this weekend as the army sent me down there for a course.

Anyway the church was small but I had great hope. It was a post VAT II church yet erected a traditional alter on the wall, with the tabernacle behind it, some women were wearing veils and there actually was a crucifix over the altar not the “buddy Christ” statue.

Anyway the mass was a total disappointment, but not as far as invalid. My question was on potential abuses. When the “altar girl” came with the procession holding the cross, she placed it away from the congregation. The cross was physically had it back turned away from the people.

The congregation did not kneel after the Agnus Dei and the blood of Christ was taken to the sacristy after being administered. The priest did not pour water and wine in the chalice and finish it?

Any clarification?


maybe the altar server was new and forgot how she was supposed to place the cross.

it is not required to kneel after the Agnus Dei, but because it has long been US custom it is allowed

it is an option for the carafe and chalice to be cleaned by the priest in the sacristy after Mass, if you did not actually observe an abuse take place in that connection, best not jump to conclusions

If in every church you enter you begin by looking for examples of liturgical abuse, occassions when architeture, environment, music or other peripherals do not meet your standards, you are viturally guaranteed to have a disappointing unfruitful experience most of the time.

The time spent in making these observations might have been better served preparing yourself for Mass and communion, going over the readings etc.

No I was just asking wether these were? I didnt know that the priest was no obligated to do as such.

But on the crucifix, it was done on purpose. Because during the preperation of the gifts she took the cross and procceded in front of the gifts and then set the cross facing the congregation. The Cross only began to be facing us at the consecration began to take place. It was done with purpose.

I was in the church two hours early (not just making excuses for myself), but I do observe my surrondings.

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