Vacation Mass Attendance: Jamaica

I will be travelling to Jamaica, and will stay at a resort on Negril’s seven-mile beach.

Of course, I do NOT want to miss Sunday Mass while on vacation. Any suggestions/assistance would be most deeply appreciated.

Would like to know about what Cahtolic churches are nearby, and any other details you are willing/able to provide. Would like to hear about personal experiences (Church-related) as well!

God Bless!!!

Hi Chayla!

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There’s the Blessed Sacrament Cathedral located in Montego Bay, Jamaica. I’m not sure where exactly you are staying but it’s probably about an hour away-ish.

You could also call the resort and ask them if they know where the closest catholic church is.

Bottom line: You’re on the right track, it’s good you’re making a serious effort to attend mass.

God Bless!

Thank you! I will be staying on the 7-mile beach (Negril).

There were many vacations where I missed my Sunday obligation due to lack of planning ahead and personal disorganisation. And, I felt just awful about it afterwards.

I am determined that this will not happen again.

So, any suggestions, assistance, tips, etc. will be most deeply appreciated.:slight_smile:

You’re making a great effort this time! :slight_smile:

Here’s a site you can use to look up mass times anywhere:

If you can’t find a church, I’d call your local pastor and ask him if he can dispense you for vacation since you do not have a reasonable means of attending mass.

Also, don’t forget to pray! Ask God for guidance on what to do and how to get to mass on Sunday if you can! :slight_smile:

I missed Mass while on vacation a few yeats back.In the confessional,the priest offered the suggestion of getting a dispensation from my priest prior to traveling,in the event I couldn’t attend Mass.

Several years ago we vacationed in Negril, and some of us at the resort arranged for a van to take us to a small Catholic Church (chapel?) that was in Negril itself. As I recall, it was staffed by an Edmundite priest. The desk / concierge at your resort should have more information. Sorry I don’t remember more details.

Mary, Gate of Heaven is likely the nearest church.

To all who replied here:

Thank you so much!!!

And, if anyone has any other suggestions, like how to find transportation to Mass, it would be most deeply appreciated.

God bless all of you:

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