Vaccinations from aborted fetus material

Ive recently been made aware that some vaccinations such as the measles vaccine contains various aborted fetal material. A Dr. Informed me that the vaccine was devloped in the '60s; yet in todays world that the material is now self propagating and no longer requires new fetal material.

What are the Catholic teachings on vaccines or other such medical procedures who’s orientation is rooted in such fetal material? Are vaccines that use such fetal material unethical?

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Yes, they are unethical. Just as the bodies of grown people are to be respected even after death, so to with the fetus’ body.

Here is a useful link to the question from the National Catholic Bioethics Center. Within it can also be found links to specific church documents.

NCBC - use of vaccines


I waited until the new Shingles vaccine came out that was NOT made from aborted fetal tissue like the previous vaccine was. And the new vaccine is found to work better and last longer than the first one. I told my doctor I would NOT take the vaccne until the new improved one was out.

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There are only a few vaccines without such alternatives. Ultimately a person will make their own decision; the NCBC has good and useful education on the topic


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