Vacuum recomendations?


our new carpet was too much for my old kenmore:rolleyes:. do you have a good vaccum. how are those bagless ones.


I do not like the bagless variety. They get clogged more easily, you have to replace filters (which cost way more than bags), they tend to spit stuff back out at you if the canister gets on the full side, and they break more easily in my opinion.

I’ll take the good “old fashioned” upright vacs anyday. :thumbsup:


I love, love, love, love, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Dyson.

Did I mention I love it! :smiley:


Eureka “Boss” vacuum.
Recommended by Consumer Reports. Go to the library and look up old issues, that’s what I do before I buy anything.


We got the Eureka Altima, and I wrote about it here:


I recently bought a Kirby – it’s amazing. I have never seen my carpet so clean! Plus it shampoos as well but uses little water so doesnt drench your carpet. You can buy one at a good price at

I also have a shop vac which I’ll use for all kinds of reasons - including vacuuming kid areas before I kirby it. That thing picks up legos and even hot wheel cars!!! :thumbsup:


I love my Kirby. Keeps the carpets beautiful and the shampooer is great. I’ve had mine for 10 years at least and it is going great.


Yes if you can afford one, try the Dyson brand! I think they are decently priced at Target in the states. Here I think I paid around $600… so not light on the budget by any means.


I too love the kirby I used to kill a vaccum a year. Now I am 7 yrs and going strong. Don’t pay full price from the door to door guys you can pick one up second hand. If you are going to do the door to door be prepared or a long pushy salesman trip which is annoying. Put on your big time haggle hat and if you pay a cent over $1000 you’ve been had. Negotiate for extra shampoo and bags I am still working on some of my original gift bags :slight_smile: He just gave me a big box.


Every vacuum I’ve ever had sucked!


I hated the bagless that I had. It lost suction when the filters became clogged and the only way to clean them out well enough was to use water. Then you had to wait for them to dry before using them again. I’ve heard from people I know (and people on CAF) who love their bagless Dyson, however. I haven’t tried those, personally.

We invested in an Oreck over a year ago and couldn’t be happier. The XL 21 works on both carpet and hardwood. The bag is super easy to change and we only need to buy bags once a year or less. It has a 21 year warranty, but to keep it up-to-date you have to have it serviced once a year – for free. They change the belts and clean everything out and put all new whatevers in. It’s a great product. I’ve come to love the way they do business also. I also use my upright on my stairs because it is so lightweight. But we also have an Oreck canister for tighter, small spaces. My only con about it is that it is not a great edge cleaner – for that, I do use my canister.

ETA – every now and then, Oreck has sales. Once we knew we were going to get an Oreck, we waited for a sale and bought ours for half price!


I have one of those. Had it for a while now. I would give it a B. Reliable. Not too expensive. Dog goes berserk when I pull the nozzle out to use the attachments. But you can’t blame that on the vac!


No kidding, another tip is to pull up the prices of the kirby’s on and ask them to match it. If they can’t kick em out!

I did not pay over $1000 and I bought from a local distributor door-to-door thing. They will sell for less than 1K, but they’ll start out trying to get you to pay $2K!!! :eek: Just threaten to buy from overstock (or actually BUY from overstock) and they’ll come down.

Funny thing is they give you this schpeal about how Kirby’s are built for LIFE (and they ARE!) but when you mention an older model at overstock they’ll say “oh the G4 – yeah not so good” REALLY? Well I thought all Kirby’s are superior? :rotfl: I just love messing with sales people, only because I have been in sales (NOT vacuum or door to door, retail), so I enjoy it. Keeps them on their toes!


Another vote for Oreck here. Great product.


Did anyone realize this was supposed to be a joke? Is this too serious a subject? :slight_smile:


I chuckled. :slight_smile:


I bought a Dyson several months ago and I love it. Several folks on here recommended them. My only issue is that when I use the hose attachment, it seems to suck a little too hard. It’s difficult for me to use for some reason. It’s probably operator error. So, if any other experienced Dyson users has any tips, I would really appreciate it.


i hate bagless vacs because they are impossible to empty without dust flying around a no-no for asthmatics like me.
Eureka boss, we bought one for our hold house and left it there, and a new one for this house. Only 2 rooms are carpeted but we do use the attachments a lot as well.


I’ve had a couple different bagless vacs. What I HATE about them is having to empty the dirt so often. It just creates more mess, IMO. I’ve gone back to canister vacs and I am very happy. Besides, I like to vacuum the hard floors in my house rather than sweep them, and a canister is great for that and carpets, too. I bought one of the new Kenmores, because of great cunsumer and expert reviews. I’ve had it for a year, I guess, and I am very happy with it.


Any upright with a bag and a 12 amp motor will work fine on carpets if you change the bag often and replace the beater drive belt yearly. You can buy a LOT of extra bags and belts with the $400 you saved over getting a Dyson.

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